The 2024 NGCRC 27th International Gang Specialist

Training Conference (Aug. 5 - August 7, 2024):

A Look at the Presenters


Last Updated: April 18, 2024

Rosalee Anderson

            Rosalee Anderson, serving as the Program Supervisor for the Portland OIC Community Care Team, boasts an impressive journey as a credible messenger, initially starting as an outreach worker and steadily advancing to oversee various programs. With expertise in managing programs like Healing Hurt People and collaborating with the City of Gresham, Rosalee has made a lasting impact on the community. Steering a team of Intensive Case Managers, she has played a pivotal role in positively transforming the lives of numerous individuals. Utilizing her personal experience, Rosalee excels at guiding others through challenging situations and fostering positive behavioral changes. Having successfully navigated her journey to receiving a pardon, she is dedicated to sharing her wealth of resources with both her team and clients alike. Her accomplishments include certifications as a Mental Health Peer Support Specialist and completion of HEAT training, displaying her commitment to professional development and community well-being.

Curtis Artis

            I am the City of Danville’s Asst. Violence Prevention Manager of Project Imagine which is a nationally recognized community violence collaborative model. I am a certified gang specialist with over 20 years of lived experience. Also, I have been a Peer Recovery Specialist for the past 6 years. Over the course of this time, I have assisted individuals who desire to change their lives accomplish their goal. As a member of the local reentry council, I have dedicated my life to providing opportunities for those in need of resources as they journey towards success. I hold a bachelor’s in criminal justice/sociology. I am the author of Leading By Example: Credible Messenger Basics. This is a guide to a structural approach to developing relationships with at risk youth.

Sally-Ann Ashton, Ph.D.

            Sally-Ann Ashton is a Psychologist and Research Scientist at the Texas Juvenile Crime Prevention Center at Prairie View A&M University. She has an Mphil in Criminological Research (University of Cambridge, England) and an M.S.c. in Investigative Psychology (University of Huddersfield, England). Her Ph.D. investigated the psychological and social risk factors associated with gang membership, group offending and desistance from crime. She was a recipient of a Frederick Milton Thrasher Award in 2017 for superior accomplishments in gang research and in 2020 for superior accomplishments in gang training.

Corporal Jim Bailey

            Corporal Jim Bailey has been with the Battle Creek Police Department for over 13 years, and has been assigned to the Battle Creek Police Department Gang Suppression Unit for over 6 years. Corporal Bailey has been directly involved in many of the same gang investigations as Detective Sutherland, and has assisted as one of the lead investigators with Detective Sutherland, on many of the same violence crime investigations. Corporal Bailey has also been involved in cell phone investigations, writing and executing search warrants, surveillance techniques, undercover drug buys, and managing confidential informants. Corporal Bailey has been recognized in Michigan State District Court and Circuit Court as an expert in drug trafficking and drug investigations, identifying armed subjects, and cell phone site analyses. Corporal Bailey is currently a K-9 handler for the Battle Creek Police Department and is a member of the department’s Emergency Response Team. He is a Defensive Tactics Instructor and a Patrol Training Officer for the Battle Creek Police Department. He has also received Instructor certification for Active Shooter Response for Civilians, through the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University.

Andy Bain, Ph.D.

            Andy Bain is an assistant professor of Criminal Justice Studies at Westminster College, PA. He holds a Ph.D. in Offender Behavior, a Msc. Criminal Justice and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. Andy has authored, and edited numerous books, chapters, and articles, on the outlaw motorcycle gangs; law enforcement and technology; and, professional risk working with mental health, social care, and criminal justice, publishing with a number of leading international academic and professional journals. His professional background includes four years with the National Probation Service (England & Wales) and six years running a successful Criminal Justice Consultancy Group, providing guidance and advice to law enforcement agencies and correctional bodies. This, in turn led to the publication of a number of local and national policing and corrections reports.

SA Dino Balos

            ATF Special Agent Dino Balos is a 26-year federal law enforcement officer. He is a certified ATF instructor who has investigated hundreds of firearms, explosives, and arson cases – many of which were supported by reliable confessions as evidence – and has testified concerning confessions or admission made to him as part of the prosecution’s case-in-chief. S/A Balos is assigned to the ATF Tampa Field Division. Other duty assignments include the ATF Boston Field Division’s Arson & Explosives Group and the U.S. Bomb Data Center at ATF Headquarters in Washington, DC. Prior to ATF, he was a special agent at the Office of the Inspector General investigating fraud, waste, and abuse in programs administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Det. Nicholas Bocik

            Nicholas Bocik is a Detective with the Toledo Police Department in Toledo, Ohio.

Chief Scott C. Booth

            Chief Scott C. Booth has been in law enforcement for over twenty-eight years and is currently the Chief of Police in Danville, Virginia. Chief Booth first joined the Richmond Police Department, where he served for 19 years, rising to the rank of major. In August of 2015, he joined the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority in Washington, DC, where he served as the Chief of Police. In February 2018, he became the chief in Danville, Virginia, where he has focused on community engagement and reducing violent crime, specifically gang crime in the community. Since his tenure started, Danville has reduced overall violent crime by 64 percent. Chief Booth has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond in Human Resource Management and Leadership Studies and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is a graduate of the 268th session of the FBI National Academy and the 48th session of the Police Executive Research Forum’s (PERF) Senior Management Institute for Police.


Special Agent Thomas J. Crawford

            SA Thomas J. Crawford began his law enforcement career in 1998 as a local officer and was assigned to a drug task force in GA. From 2000-2007, he became employed as a GBI Special Agent. He investigated murders, corruption, sex crimes, drug trafficking and conducted undercover operations. In 2007, he became employed as an ATF Special Agent. He has conducted numerous Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force investigations. He has worked undercover on long term ATF UC investigations. SA Crawford has conducted numerous interviews and solicited confessions and admissions from suspects. He has received numerous awards, including the following: 2000 Swainsboro, GA Jaycees LEO of the year, 2003 GBI Deputy Director’s Award for Investigative Excellence, 2005 State of GA Governor’s Award for Heroism, 2011 USAO Southern District of WV Award for Outstanding Gang & Violent Crime Investigation, 2018 OCDETF award for overcoming technology, 2019 Southern District of GA U.S. Attorney’s Award, 2020 GGIA Coastal Region Gang Investigator of the Year and 2021 GGIA State Gang Investigator of the Year.

Aaron Cunningham

            Aaron Cunningham has (25) years of law enforcement experience and retired a 24-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department last assigned to CPIC Fusion Center, Bureau of Counter Terrorism & Special Operations. He is a highly decorated officer with extensive gang experience and past assignments to USATF PSN Task Force, Area Gun Team, Tactical Teams, District Intelligence Officer, and Patrol. His experience entailed joint activity with Federal, State, Local partner agencies, task force, and HIDTA/OCDEFT operations.

            Past performance also includes organization of large format platform-based training events to include the 1st and 2nd International Counter-Terrorism Conference (2012, 2013) for National-level components with intelligence, defense, and police agencies hosted by the Korean National Police Agency, South Korea. Aaron further led an officer survival project, Uso Tactico de la Fuerza y Supervivencia Policial, over (7) years for more than (950) members of El Salvador’s Policia Nacional Civil.


Joshua Davis, M.S. Ed.

            Joshua Davis, Team Lead Instructor, Pathfinders Resources, Inc, Danville, VA, is a highly experienced professional in educational development, with a strong focus on onboard training, activity coordination, and youth development. With five dedicated years in the field, his expertise primarily revolves around devising innovative solutions to improve educational access, quality, and outcomes. He possesses extensive experience in developing and implementing educational programs that inspire and equip the young individuals, promoting lifelong learning and elevating their potential. Driven by a passionate commitment to nurturing the positive development of youths, particularly those at risk of juvenile delinquency, he has successfully created avenues that connect education with personal growth. He boasts a proven track record of designing impactful intervention strategies that steer young minds away from delinquency, fostering an environment that encourages intellectual and emotional growth. His mission is to provide sustainable, empowering, and transformative educational solutions that strategically drive personal and societal change.

Kenneth Davis

            Kenneth Davis retired from the Yonkers Police Department in July of 2017. From 1985-1990 he was assigned to uniformed patrol (task force and public housing) and plainclothes (street-level and undercover narcotics). From 1990-2000 he worked street gangs, graffiti crimes and police academy. From 2000-2009 he was assigned to several middle/high schools as a school resource officer. In 2009 - 2017, as a detective, he continued investigating street gangs, narcotics (search warrants) and graffiti crimes. As the departments liaison, he assisted the YMCA’s Cure Violence/SNUG Program and the Westchester County Department of Corrections Re-entry Program. From 2017-present, he is a NYS private investigator and a graffiti/gang specialist presenting at various regional, national, and international conferences.

Det. Pete Delatorre

            Pete Delatorre is an investigator with the Richmond Hill Police Department. He is in his 24th year in law enforcement with most of the time spent working plain clothes assignments working narcotics, gangs, and violent crime investigations. He has the basic gang investigations certificate and has investigated numerous street gangs in his career.

Dr. Daniel Adrian Doss, Ph.D.

            Dr. Daniel Adrian Doss, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Cybersecurity, Johnston School of Business, at the University of Tennessee. His research interests include cybersecurity and cybercrime, criminal justice, and higher education. His career has spanned both periods in the defense and commercial sectors. He earned his doctorate from Jackson State University.

LaRon Douglas, Sr.

            LaRon Douglas is a certified gang specialist and a CVI consultant from Cleveland, Ohio. He is the founder and executive director of the Renounce Denounce Gang Intervention Program which was founded in 2014. As a former gang leader he understands the pittfalls that our youth have to endure and knows what it takes to decrease gun and gang violence in our communities.

Jacqueline Espejo

            Jacqueline Espejo, Redirectional Specialist, 4 years of experience.

Dr. Gregg W. Etter Sr., Ed.D.

            Dr. Gregg W. Etter Sr., Ed.D. is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Missouri. He retired as a Lieutenant with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office after serving from 1977 to 2006. He is rated as a gang expert by the National Gang Crime Research Center. He has written extensively and presented classes on gangs, white supremacist groups and police management topics in the United States and Canada. Dr. Etter earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Wichita State University and his Doctorate degree from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Etter is the author of numerous books, book chapters, edited and refereed articles. His latest book is: Gangs and Organized Crime which he authored with Dr. George W. Knox and Dr. Carter F. Smith.

Luis Flores-Montalvo

            Luis Flores-Montalvo is a decorated 29 year veteran of El Salvador’s Policia National Civil including ten years with the Grupo Maritimo Policial (GMP) where he conducted interagency work with DEA. Luis is an accomplished in-service training instructor with long term roles in specialized training. He is currently involved in an Officer Survival training project with El Salvador’s Policia Nacional Civil (PNC). He is also a recipient of the Frederic Milton Thrasher Award from the NGCRC.


Brother Jim Fogarty, M.Div.

            Br. Jim Fogarty has worked with gangs on the streets and in jail since 1987 and serves as the Executive Director of Brothers and Sisters of Love (BSL). BSL is a Catholic organization that has worked with gangs on the streets and in jail since 1983. He holds a Master’s in Divinity from Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, Illinois (1990) and five summers course work from the Institute for Black Catholic Studies Xavier University New Orleans Louisiana (1989-1993).

AUSA Greg Gilluly

             Greg Gilluly is an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of Georgia. He serves as the Deputy Criminal Chief, and formerly served as the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Chief. He is a federal prosecutor who primarily handles complex organized crime cases. He has practiced law for a couple of decades, and the majority of his career he has served as a federal prosecutor. He has dismantled violent criminal enterprises involved in international drug trafficking, international human trafficking and international money laundering. He has received multiple OCDEFT National Awards, a US DOJ Director’s Award, and national awards from ATF, FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, and various Offices of Inspector General. He has given presentations on human trafficking and organized crime throughout the United States. He has been a federal prosecutor for over 15 years, serving in the WDTN and the SDGA. His prior experience includes being a partner at a litigation firm, a criminal court judge, a state prosecutor, and law professor. He has tried over 50 jury trials, including RICO, VICAR, dozens of murders, and complex white-collar cases. He is a Mensa member and former professional skateboarder.

Mia Golden

            Mia Golden is a youth and family counsellor with over 25 years of experience. She began her career in a blue-collar town in Northern British Columbia known for its violence and motorcycle club presence and now works in Victoria, the Province’s Capital city. Golden has worked with youth, victims of violence, parents, sex offenders, victims of exploitation, victims of intimate partner violence, and gangs.


FBI SA Mark Gripka

            FBI Special Agent Mark Gripka has 20 years of law enforcement experience as a Special Agent assigned to the Southern border of Texas and Norfolk, Virginia. SA Gripka has extensive experience working RICO and Continuing Criminal Enterprise investigations focusing on gangs and violent drug trafficking organizations.

Aspen Hockley

            Ms. Aspen Hockley is an undergraduate student of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of Central Missouri. She is a member of the American Criminal Justice Association/Lamda Alpha Epsilon competitive team for UCM.

 Deputy Noah Holland

            Deputy Noah Holland has worked for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for 7 years. He has been member of the Gang Intelligence Unit (Corrections Division) and Cell Extraction Team for 6 years. During that time, he has developed various skills and techniques investigating gang related violence in a corrections setting as well as identifying gang related tattoos and graffiti, interviewing gang members, and utilizing open-source platforms to identify gang members.

ATF Agent Lee Hoover

            ATF Agent Lee Hoover is an accomplished ATF agent with 21 years of experience managing complex, multi-jurisdictional crimes of violence including arson and explosives offenses, armed career criminals, organized crime, and the unlawful use, manufacture and possession of firearms. She is also a Certified Fire Investigator and a member of ATF’s National Response Team.


Janice Joseph, Ph.D.

            Janice Joseph, Ph.D. is a professor of the Criminal Justice Program at Stockton University. She is the Editor for Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice. She earned her Ph.D. degree from York University in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of the book: Black Youths, Delinquency, and Juvenile Justice; and she co-edited the book With Justice for All: Minorities and Women in Criminal Justice; and she has published numerous articles on delinquency, gangs, violence against women, and minorities and crime. She has earned a Frederic Thrasher Award for her research on gangs and has successfully completed several gang specialist training programs at the National Gang Crime Research Center. She was elected to be the president of the World Society of Victimology (WSV) and gives her presidential speech during the 17th International Symposium of the WSV being held in San Sebastian, Spain in June, 2023.


George W. Knox, Ph.D.

            George Knox earned his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Chicago. He has extensive field experience with gangs, including interviewing gang members, gang leaders, and gang victims. He has taught in the field of criminal justice and sociology. He serves as the Executive Director of the National Gang Crime Research Center. He was the author of the first full textbook on gangs (An Introduction to Gangs) and other books and monographs on gang topics. His research interests include how to deal with gang problems in probation/parole, juvenile corrections, adult corrections, and gang threat analysis — examining the gang as a unit of social organization.

Maggie E. Koch, JD

            Maggie E. Koch JD is an assistant prosecutor with the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office, in Toledo, OH. She is responsible for the prosecution of all levels of felony offenses in the adult criminal division, both as first and second chair.

Kevin Kreuser

            Kevin Kreuser, B.S., Psychology, Loyola University of Chicago; 17 years as a Probation Officer — Cook County, ILL. Juvenile Court.

Lawrence Lujan

            Lawrence Lujan has led a distinguished (33) year career with the El Paso Police Department (EPD) since 1990. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (Class 274), and a past Chief Judge, Pueblo at National American Indian Court Judges Association. Lawrence served as Gang Unit Lieutenant, Gang Unit field officer, and tactical team experience with EPD SWAT, Mountain Rescue, and Anti-Burglary. Lawrence has worked alongside the Policia National Civil with ITTA’s ongoing Officer Survival Project ‘Uso Tactica de la Fuerza y Sobrevivencia Policial’.

Det. Jim MacIntosh

            Detective Jim MacIntosh is an Investigator with the Collingdale Borough PD (Delaware County PA), where he has specialized in gun violence and gang activity, particularly in tracking criminal activity through social media. Detective MacIntosh is also cross-designated as a county wide narcotics officer and a member of the SWAT team.

Gord Magee

            Gord Magee is a police officer with the Victoria Police Department in Victoria, BC Canada. He started his career in Scotland in 1996 first in Kilmarnock, then downtown Glasgow and was part of the Strathclyde Police Pipe Band. In 2003, Magee moved back to Victoria and joined the Victoria Police Department where he has worked in patrol, coordinator of the Con Air Program, Crowd Management Unit, Bikes and Beats Unit, and now with MYST.

Keiron McConnell, Ph.D.

            Keiron holds a Doctorate Degree in Policing, Security and Community Safety from Metropolitan London University, a Masters of Science Degree in Policing and Public Order Studies from the University of Leicester, a Bachelor of General Studies Degree from the Open University of British Columbia, a Diploma in Police Leadership from Dalhousie University and a Certificate in Public Sector Leadership from Royal Roads University. This academic achievement come with 29 years of operational experience with the last 15 years exclusively in gang suppression with a variety of police gang units. Keiron has provided consulting services that included the Royal Saudi Arabian Police and the Peoples Republic of China Police. He has instructed at the JIBC-Police Academy for three years in Professional Patrol Tactics and continues as a guest lecturer. In addition, he is a faculty member at Kwantlen Polytechnic University where he teaches Organized Crime. He is a regular guest instructor for the policing program at Simon Fraser University and is the author of the textbook “Legal and Regulatory Influences for Public Safety Communications”.

Dr. David H. McElreath, Ph.D.

            Dr. David H. McElreath, Ph.D., is a professor of Legal Studies at the University of Mississippi. He is the former chair of the Legal Studies Department at the University of Mississippi. He retired as a Colonel from the United States Marine Corps and served as adjunct faculty at the United States Marine Corps University. Dr. McElreath also is a former law enforcement and corrections officer. Dr. McElreath earned his B.P.A. and M.C.J. at the University of Mississippi. He is a graduate of the Unites States Army command and General Staff College and the United States Army War College and his Ph.D. at the University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. McElreath is the author of numerous books, book chapters and refereed articles.

Deputy District Attorney Laurie Moore

            Deputy DA Laurie Moore has 14 years of prosecutorial experience in Philadelphia, Bucks and Delaware Counties. She currently supervises the Organized Crime and Narcotics Divisions at the Delaware County DA’s Office. Deputy DA Moore oversees all gang and gun violence investigations and prosecutions including firearms offenses, drug trafficking, and homicides in Sector 4.

Roy Moore

            Roy Moore is the Director of the Portland OIC Community Care Team. Under his leadership, the POIC Healing Hurt People program serves 3 hospitals across the Portland, OR metro area, advocating for patients and helping to bridge the gap with hospital staff to help families navigate the resources needed to recover after traumatic events. His team of credible messengers works alongside the City of Portland and Multnomah County to be a vital part of the solution to increased gun violence. Roy has served on the Portland Police Bureau Accountability Committee, and the City of Portland Youth Violence Prevention Committee, and was a presenter at the 2023 HAVI (Health Alliance for Violence Intervention) Conference. He is recognized as a national leader for his work in Community Violence and Hospital-Based Intervention and spearheading Medicaid billing for sustainability and longevity.

Mayra Nunez

            For over 20 years, Mayra Nunez has been a liaison between law enforcement and the community. She has worked with various police departments such as the San Diego County Probation Department, National City Police Department, and currently the San Diego Police Department. Her experience with street gangs comes from a lived experience along with working in the prevention and intervention field. She has earned a masters degree in psychology with an emphasis on human behavior and has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in human services. Mayra has been a guest speaker in conferences such as International Latino Gang Investigators Association (ILGIA), Southern California Gang Conference (SCGC), Riverside County Gang Investigators Association (RCGIA), and California School Resource Officers Association (CSROA) among others.

Sgt. Bryan Oato

            Sgt. Bryan Oato, Honolulu Police Department, Honolulu, HI.


Chukwemeka Okonmah

            Chukwuemeka Okonmah has always had a passion for working with youth and providing critical services. For the last 14 years I have worked in the capacity as caseworker for the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. I have also worked as a direct care provider for the youth in detention. I have had the opportunity to work in many capacities in the facility including Resident Internal Affairs which has increased my knowledge base in gang culture and my skills at conflict resolution. I hold a BS in History from Southern Illinois University Carbondale as well as an MS in Rehabilitation Administration from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Deepa Patel, MSW 

            Deepa Patel is the Co-Founder of Trauma and Hope. Trauma and Hope specifically focuses towards survivors of violence, sexual exploitation, gang prevention and intervention, and sex offender evaluations and treatment. Deepa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider, and a Gang Specialist through the National Gang Crime Research Center. She is a dynamic clinician who has developed an expertise in treating non-voluntary clients, specifically juvenile and adult gang members, survivors of sexual trauma, and sex offenders. Deepa draws from a range of therapeutic approaches to support individual and families. She specializes in developmental trauma, complex trauma and mood disorders. She uses trauma-focused modalities to support traumatized individuals and families. Deepa is clinically trained in modalities such as Havening, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), ad Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT). She has extensive experience in the field of trauma and has been in the field since the early 2000's. Most recently, Deepa was selected for the Virginia Commission on Human Trafficking formed by Governor Youngkin to enhance services for survivors, increase response from law enforcement and prosecution and enhance prevention education.

Ricky Pickens

            Ricky Pickens is a professional gang intervention specialist/consultant in Los Angeles County. Raised in Pasadena, CA, a city claimed by one of the oldest blood gangs in Southern California. Ricky grew up in the 1980's during the crack cocaine epidemic, and during the height of gang and gun warfare. Living in a gang-impacted community as a young person, Ricky witnessed many of his friends and family die due to gang violence or serve long prison stints due to violent crimes. Ricky was resilient and determined not to find himself dead, in prison, or on drugs. For 23 years and counting, Ricky has committed his life to serving gang-impacted youth. Recognized for his involvement on the syndicated television programs Gangland One Blood sharing his knowledge of gangs, Ricky’s experience, leadership, and advocacy efforts in the gang intervention arena have placed him in high demand. Ricky’s services have transformed the lives of many high-risk youth.

Danny Polo

            Bachelor’s degree Psychology. Law enforcement for 30 years. Detective 2016-present, Broward County units in chronological order) Tactical Deployment, Crime Suppression, Organized Crime, Gang Investigations. Task Force Officer, United States Drug Enforcement Administration, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives. Advanced Gang Specialist with the Florida Gang Investigators Association, hundreds of hours of training in criminal gangs, organized crime, and money laundering. Presenter at the 2019 Attorney General’s FCPT program. Presenter at Broward College Institute of Public Safety, trained State Attorney’s Office prosecutors in Career Criminal and 10-20-life Units. Received the Florida Gang Investigators Association Investigator of the Year Award, and DEA Miami Field Division Task Force Officer Award for local impact. Testified in a Bloods gang member attempt murder trial as a Subject Matter Expert and got conviction for Gang Enhancement proving the crime was committed in furtherance of the gang. Selected as Subject Matter Expert on high profile rapper and bloods gang member Jarnell Demons “YNW MELLY” double homicide trial.

Det. Vincent Port

            Detective Vincent Port works at the Delaware County (PA) CID Homicide Unit. Detective Port was previously employed by the city of Philadelphia as an officer in the Criminal Intelligence Unit. Detective Port has been investigating and successfully prosecuting gang crime for the last 10 years. He also proudly holds his mountain bike patrol officer’s certificate.

Mitchel P. Roth, Ph.D.

            Mitchel P. Roth, Ph.D. is Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Sam Houston State University. His areas of interest include global organized crime and gangs, history of crime and punishment, mass murder and serial homicide. His many books include, Power on the Inside: A Global History of Prison Gangs (2020), Fire in the Big House: The Worst Prison Disaster in American History (2019), The Illicit Economy in Turkey (with Mahmut Cengiz)(2019), An Eye for An Eye: A Global History of Crime and Punishment (2015) and Convict Cowboys: The Untold History of the Texas Prison Rodeo (2016). His books have been translated into Chinese, Persian, Croatian and Turkish. He has been an instructor at the Zhejiang Police College from 2009 to 2019 and at the International Law Enforcement Academy (Roswell) from 2001-2009. In 2020, Dr. Roth was awarded the Frederic Milton Thrasher Award for Excellence in Gang Research.


Tom Schneider, M.S.

            Tom Schneider, the moderator for this session, retired from the Cook County Illinois Juvenile Probation Department in January of 2013 after forty years on the street as a juvenile probation officer. He holds a BA degree from the University of Illinois Chicago in the Administration of Criminal Justice and a M.S. degree from Chicago State University in Correction and Criminal Justice. He is currently conducting Anger Management/Violence Prevention groups for juvenile probationers and is the Director of Project Lifeline, the Cook County Juvenile Court scholarship program.

Douglas L. Semark, Ph.D.

            Douglas L. Semark, a nonprofit leader with four decades of experience, including 17 years as Executive Director of the Gang Alternatives Program (GAP) in Los Angeles. Semi-retired, he now serves as Executive to the Board and Chief Learning Officer. He provides gang and violence prevention professional development for K-12 school counselors; serves in various advisory capacities; such as the NGCRC, and works with local and national agencies in the areas of violence reduction and community rebuilding. He is currently the Director and lead instructor of the Gangfree Life Academy®.

Elvis Slaughter, M.S.

            Criminologist Elvis Slaughter served as a fire and police commissioner, and is a retired Cook County Sheriff’s Superintendent with more than thirty years’ experience in criminal justice, corrections, and law enforcement. Slaughter holds a Master’s in Criminal Justice and Corrections. He has authored several articles and ten books, which include Safer Jail and Prison Matters, Mentally Ill Inmates and Corrections, and Preschool to Prison. Elvis is a speaker, security consultant, and correctional auditor. He is also a member of the American Jail Association, American Correctional Association, Hammond Police Citizen Advisory Commission, National Sheriff’s Association, Illinois Sheriff’s Association, and former president of he Illinois Academy of Criminology. Elvis taught criminal justice at the college level.


Larry Slayton Jr., B.Ed.

            Larry Slayton Jr., B.Ed., Team Trainer, Pathfinders Resources, Inc, Danville, VA, is a dedicated professional with a strong background in educational development, gang training, field coordination, youth development, and juvenile delinquency. With five years of experience, he has passionately worked towards making a positive impact on young lives by developing and implementing effective strategies to support at-risk youth in achieving their full potential. Through out his career, he has successfully coordinated and delivered various educational programs aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency rates and steering troubled youth towards a more positive path. He possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by at-risk populations and excels in developing tailored interventions and mentoring programs to address heir specific needs.

Deputy Garfrey Smith

            Deputy Garfrey Smith has worked at the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for over 8 years, where he has been part of the Gang Intelligence Unit and Cell Extraction Team. Before his time at the Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Smith had worked at various Juvenile Detention Centers which was the start of his professional experience interviewing and identifying gang members. Deputy Smith has learned how to use various interview techniques to conduct interviews with gang members to get vital information to assist in arrest or helping with safety and security of the facility.

Grant Smith

            Mr. Grant Smith is a member of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) National Crime Information Center (NCIC) external training staff. Mr. Smith is a retired police officer with twenty-two years of law enforcement experience. For twelve of the twenty-two years, he was assigned to a multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency narcotics and violence crime task force as a task force agent and supervisor. Other law enforcement experience includes time in the Patrol Division, Investigations Division, and as a Special Response Team as a team leader. He also served as an investigator on the county’s Child Sexual Abuse Task Force. Additionally, he was a member of the department’s Counter Drug Reaction Team, and the department’s Police Honor Guard. Immediately upon retirement from the police department, Mr. Smith served as a member of a forensic team with the Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell (CEXC) in Baghdad, Iraq. As an FBI training instructor, Mr. Smith conducts training for municipal, county, state and federal agencies. Mr. Smith is the team lead at FBI CJIS Division of the NCIC External Training Team (ETT) and the Law Enforcement Instructor School (LEIS). In 2015, Mr. Smith was the recipient of the Frederic Thrasher Award for Superior Service in Law Enforcement Training. Mr. Smith is a United States Navy Veteran.

Winston Soriano

            Winston Soriano is currently a Senior Intelligence Analyst with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit - British Columbia (CFSEU-BC). Analyst Soriano has been assigned to the “Crime Gun Intelligence and Investigations Group (CGIIG)” at CFSEU-BC since 2018. Analyst Soriano has 23 years of experience as an Intelligence Analyst with CFSEU-BC and has worked on various portfolios such as Asian Organized Crime, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, and other independent organized crime groups. Analyst Soriano is considered a “Subject Matter Expert” in Privately Made Firearms (PMFs). In May 2022, Analyst Soriano was intited by Europol to present at the 1st International 3D Printed Firearms Conference in The Hague, Netherlands. In 2023, Analyst Soriano presented virtually on PMFs to the Jamaica Constabulary Force, IALEIA - Jamaica Chapter, World Customs Organization, and the Illegal Firearms Trafficking Working Group (chaired by ATF). Analyst Soriano continues to present on PMFs throughout British Columbia and other parts of Canada on PMFs.

Deborah Spencer-Chun, MSW

            Deborah Spencer-Chun, MSW has been with the agency for 36 years, 20 in direct services. She has co-authored two books: (1) Toward a Gang Solution: The Redirectional Method, and (2) Turning it Around: Redirectional Therapy. She is a member of several working groups which include the Women Prison’s Project, Visitor’s Public Safety Committee, Family Reunification Working Group, Workforce Developmental Council-Youth Services Committee, and the Juvenile Justice Oversight Advisory Committee.

AUSA Samuel R. Stringfellow

            Samuel R. Stringfellow is currently an Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of Mississippi. He has eleven years of federal prosecution experience - - - both in NDMS and in the Western District of Tennessee. As a federal prosecutor he has personally prosecuted nearly 500 defendants charging a wide array of federal violations including multiple RICO/VICAR indictments. In 2019, he was awarded the Assistant Attorney General Award for Distinguished Service for a national RICO case involving the Gangster Disciples.

Det. Tyler Sutherland

            Detective Tyler Sutherland has been a police officer for the Battle Creek Police Department for over 13 years. He is currently assigned to the Battle Creek Police Detective Bureau, and was previously assigned to the Gang Suppression Unit for over 6 years. As a member of the Gang Unit, Detective Sutherland was directly involved as the lead investigator in a number of gang, and violent crime, cases that resulted in courtroom trials and jury convictions. While participating in all aspects of gang investigations and court room prosecution, Detective Sutherland has been qualified as, and testified as, a gang expert in the U.S. District court and Michigan State Circuit and District Court, more than 15 times in the last five years. One of these gang cases, was the first criminal gang enhancement jury conviction in the State of Michigan since the state statute was created. He is also recognized in circuit and district court as an expert in Drug Trafficking and Drug Investigations. A Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Patrol Training Officer, he has also received Instructor certification for Active Shooter Response for Civilians, through the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University.

Captain Philip J. Swift, Ph.D.

            Mr. Swift, Ph.D. is a husband, father, and a 23-year law enforcement veteran. Since April of 2018, Mr. Swift has served as the Fort Worth City Marshal. Prior to becoming the City Marshal, Mr. Swift rose to the rank of Captain in the Denver Sheriff Department. During his law enforcement career he served as a City Marshal, Director of Security, Watch Commander, FTO Commander, Gang/Intelligence Unit Commander, K-9 Unit Commander, Internal Affairs Bureau Investigator, Conduct Review Office Sergeant, Emergency Response Unit member and Sergeant, Court Services Sergeant, and as Adjunct Training Academy Instructor. Mr. Swift holds a MS and Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology from Walden University and has also received dual MBA’s and a BS in Criminal Justice from American International University. Mr. Swift is a published author (Gangs, Outlaw Bikers, Organized Crime & Extremists; Looseleaf Law Publishing), a contributor to Inside Police Psychology:, and is frequently asked to speak locally and nationally on topics related to gang, criminal, inmate, and law enforcement culture, forensic psychology, and jail gang investigations.

Siutiti Takai

            Siutiti Takai, Director of Redirectional Services, 6 years of experience.

Lisa Tamashiro

            Lisa Tamashiro, Director of Operations & Special Programs, 13 years of experience.

FBI SA Justin Terry

            FBI Special Agent Justin Terry has 14 years of law enforcement experience as a police Detective, Task Force Officer, and Special Agent, and is currently assigned to the FBI Norfolk Field Office. SA Terry has extensive experience working violent crime and criminal enterprise cases, with an emphasis on using technical resources to enhance investigations.

Dr. Martha Wall-Whitfield

            Dr. Martha Wall-Whitfield is an educator from Little Rock, Arkansas where she is currently the Principal at the state’s largest juvenile facility for incarcerated youth. During her time in Arkansas, she also has been the District Principal for Rite of Passage, overseeing all correctional education in the state. She taught for six years at the University level as an Assistant Professor for Averett University. She currently serves as an Adjunct for Arkansas State University, teaching in the school leadership program. Dr. Whitfield is a mom of five and a Mimi to three. She has been active in both her church as a Sunday School teacher and the community as a foster parent and foster parent trainer for the state.

Dr. John Z. Wang

            Dr. John Z. Wang is a world renowned criminological expert on Asian gangs. He has done research with the NGCRC and he has taught at previous NGCRC gang training conferences. He is a California POST certified instructor since 2009. He is a full professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at California State University Long Beach where he teaches criminal justice, forensic sciences, transnational organized crime, and the investigation of high tech crimes. Since 2018 he has also been a fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. 

Michael-Phillip Washington

            Michael-Phillip Washington has found that being in the helping field has been a rewarding experience. Although rewards are not often monetized I have gained a lo of real world knowledge and skill sets to effectively work with youth. The current trends in gang culture have changed over the years but I have learned to keep my ears in the streets and build rapport with youth active in the gang culture. I have worked directly with the juvenile and youth charged as adults within the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center for 13 years. Understanding the needs and being able to tap into community resources that allow youth to make positive changes has been helpful.

Dr. Charla Waxman

            Dr. Charla Waxman is a staff member of the National Gang Crime Research Center and takes great pride in the work the Center does to combat the threat of gangs in communities, schools and correctional facilities. Charla has worked with gang involved youth and young adults for nearly 30 years and has utilized her expertise to testify, develop programs, and, of course, provide training on gangs, mental health, and adolescence related topics. Her book on gangs, An Interview Study with Male and Female Members of the Latin King Nation is the culmination of her dissertation. Charla has also published two chapters in The 21st Century Social Issues Encyclopedia on “The History of Gangs” and “The History of Mental Illness”. Charla has published in the areas of adolescence and behavior, eating disorders, and anger management with youth in the workplace. Charla has been featured on local news, cable, magazines, and in the Charthouse series; School of Fish! Charla has received many awards for her work and is proud to say that the Milton Thrasher award through the NGCRC is among them. Charla is available for speaking, training and consulting on a variety of topics.


Major David Whitley

            Major David Whitley has 20 years experience working for the Danville Police Department, spending the first five in patrol, becoming sergeant in 2017 working on street crimes and gang homicide. He served as commander of the Civil Disturbance Unit and the Hostage Negotiations Team. He holds a Master of Arts degree. He has had a number of different special recognitions (Award for Lifesaving, VGIA Gang Investigator of the Year Team Award, Distinguished Service medal, Homicide Investigator of the Year Award, and more).

Alvis Williams

            Alvis Williams, A.A. CJ & BS Psych, Chief Training Officer, Pathfinders Resources, Inc, Danville, VA, is an exceptional advocate for at-risk youth, dedicating his career to gang prevention and intervention. With over two decades of experience in the field, Alvis has become a trusted specialist in crisis intervention, collaborating closely with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to bring about meaningful change in the lives of young individuals. His expertise as a youth advocate allows him to connect with young people on a profound level, transforming their lives and redirecting them towards a path of success. Through his unique approach, he has successfully bridged the gap between communities and the justice system, fostering understanding and unity. In addition to his hands-on work with at-risk youth, he is deeply passionate about training and development. He firmly believes that empowering others with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a positive impact is crucial for creating lasting change. He has had the privilege of conducting numerous training sessions for professionals working in the field, equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to effectively engage and support at-risk youth.