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Volume 1, Number 1:

"Lost in the Melting Pot: Asian Youth Gangs in the United States", by John Huey-Long Song, John Dembrink, and Gilbert Geis, pp. 1-12.

"Coming Out to Play: Reasons to Join and Participate in Asian Gangs", by Calvin Toy, pp. 13-30.

"Being Bad is Good: Explorations of the Bodgie Gang Culture in South East Australia, 1984-1956", by Judith Bessant and Rob Watts, pp. 31-56.

"Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves: A Black Female Gang in San Francisco", by David Lauderback, Joy Hansen, and Dan Waldorf, pp. 57-72.

"Comparing Gang and Non-Gang Offenders: Some Tentative Findings", by Randall G. Shelden, Ted Snodgrass, and Pam Snodgrass, pp. 73-86.

"Views from the Field: The Future is Here Today: Street Gang Trends", by Robert W. Dart, pp. 87-90.

Volume 1, Number 2:

"Investigating Gang Migration: Contextual Issues for Intervention", by Cheryl L. Maxson, pp. 1-8.

"Issues in Accessing and Studying Ethnic Youth Gangs", by Karen A. Joe, pp. 9-24.

"Methodological Issues in Studying Chinese Gang Extortion", by Ko-lin Chin, Robert J. Kelly, and Jeffrey A. Fagan, pp. 25-36.

"A Preliminary Inquiry into Alabama Youth Gang Membership", by Carol Aiken, Jeffrey P. Rush, and Jerry Wycoff, pp. 37-48.

"Review Essay: A Methodological Critique of Islands in the Street", by James F. Anderson, pp. 49-58.

"An Interview with Lewis Yablonsky: The Violent Gang and Beyond", by James G. Houston, pp. 59-68.

“Gang Colors: Should Students Be Allowed to Wear Them in College?”, pp. 69-70.

Volume 1, Number 3:

"Predictors of the Severity of the Gang Problem at the Local Level: An Analysis of Police Perceptions", by James F. Quinn and Bill Downs, pp. 1-11.

"Preliminary Findings from the 1992 Law Enforcement Mail Questionnaire Project", by George W. Knox, Edward D. Tromanhauser, Pamela Irving Jackson, Darek Niklas, James G. Houston, Paul Koch, and James R. Sutton, pp. 12-28.

"Non-Criminal Predictors of Gang Violence: An Analysis of Police Perceptions", by James F. Quinn and William Downs, pp. 29-38.

"The Implications of Social Psychological Theories of Group Dynamics for Gang Research", by Key Sun, pp. 39-44.

"Joe: The Story of an Ex-Gang Member", by Jessie Collins, pp. 45-50.

"An Interview With Richard Cloward", by Jeffrey Paul Rush, pp. 51-54.

Volume 1, Number 4:

"Do Gang Prevention Strategies Actually Reduce Crime?", by Dennis Palumbo, Robert Eskay, and Michael Hallett, pp. 1-10.

"When the Crips Invaded San Francisco - Gang Migration", by Dan Waldorf, pp. 11-16.

"Fraud Masters: Studying an Illusory, Non-Violent Gang Specializing in Credit Card Crimes", by Jerome E. Jackson, pp. 17-36.

"Asian Gang Problems and Social Policy Solutions: A Discussion and Review", by Lee-jan Jan, pp. 37-44.

"The Legacy of Street Corner Society and Gang Research in the 1990s: An Interview with William F. Whyte", by Karen A. Joe, pp. 45-52.

Volume 2, Number 1 (Fall 1994):

"The Effects of Gangs on Student Performance and Delinquency in Public Schools", by Thomas A. Regulus.

"The American 'Juvenile Underclass' and the Cultural Colonisation of Young Australians Under Conditions of Modernity", by Judith Bessant.

"National Policy Neglect and Its Impact on Gang Suppression", by James G. Houston.

"Youth Gang Intervention and Prevention in Texas: Evaluating Community Mobilization Training", by Elizabeth H. McConnell.

Volume 2, Number 2 (Winter 1995):

"A Comparative Analysis of Prison Gang Members, Security Threat Group Inmates and General Population Prisoners in the Texas Department of Corrections", by Robert S. Fong and Ronald E. Vogel, pp. 1-12.

"The Gang Problem in Large and Small Cities: An Analysis of Police Perceptions in Nine States", by James F. Quinn, Peggy M. Tobolowsky, and William T. Downs, pp. 13-23.

"A Community-University Based Approach to Gang Intervention and Delinquency Prevention: Racine's Innovative Model for Small Cities", by Susan R. Takata and Charles Tyler, pp. 25-38.

"The Evolution of Gang Formation: Potentially Delinquent Activity and Gang Involvement", by Jeffery T. Walker, Judge Bill White, and E. Ashley White, pp. 39-50.

"A More Effective Strategy for Dealing With Inner City Street Corner Gangs", by Angelo Ralph Orlandella, pp. 51-60.

"An Interview with James F. Short, Jr.", by Eric L. Jensen, pp. 61-68.

Volume 2, Number 3 (Spring 1995):

"Gang Affiliation Among Asian-American High School Students: A Path Analysis of Social Development Model 1", by Zheng Wang, pp. 1-13.

"Predictors of Gang Violence: The Impact of Drugs and Guns on Police Perceptions in Nine States", by James F. Quinn and Bill Downs, pp. 15-27.

"Juvenile Gang Activity in Alabama", by Jerry C. Armor and Vincent Keith Jackson, pp. 29-35.

"Hispanic Perceptions of Youth Gangs: A Descriptive Exploration", by Marc Gertz, Laura Bedard, and Will Persons, pp. 37-49.

"Implications of the Shaw-McKay Studies and the Problems of Intervention in Gang Work", by Anthony Sorrentino, pp. 51-60..

"Findings on African-American Female Gang Members Using A Matched Pair Design", by George W. Knox, pp. 61-71.

Volume 2, Number 4 (Summer, 1995):

"Female Gang Members: A Growing Issue for Policy Makers", by George T. Felkenes and Harold K. Becker, pp. 1-10.

"The Disaster Within Us: Urban Conflict and Street Gang Violence in Los Angeles", by John P. Sullivan and Martin E. Silverstein, pp. 11-30.

"Patterns of Gang Activity in a Border Community", by William B. Sanders and S. Fernando Rodriguez, pp. 31-43.

"Blood-in, Blood-out: The Rationale Behind Defecting From Prison Gangs", by Robert S. Fong, Ronald E. Vogel, and Salvador Buentello, pp. 45-51.

"Potential Research Areas for Addressing Gang Violence", by Shirley R. Holmes, pp. 53-57.

"Preliminary Results of the 1995 National Prosecutor's Survey", a report of the National Gang Crime Research Center, pp. 59-71.

Volume 3, Number 1 (Fall 1995):

"Gang Enforcement Problems and Strategies: National Survey Findings", by Claire M. Johnson, Barbara A. Webster, Edward F. Connors, and Diana J. Saenz, pp. 1-18.

"Delinquency in Chicago During the Roaring Twenties: Assembling Reality in Ethnography", by Karen A. Joe, pp. 19-32.

"Investigating Gang Structures", by Cheryl L. Maxson and Malcolm W. Klein, pp. 33-40.

"Victimization Patterns of Asian Gangs in the United States", by John Huey-Long Song and Lynn M. Hurysz, pp. 41-49.

"Tattoos and the New Urban Tribes", by Lt. Gregg W. Etter, pp. 51-54.

"Gang Profile: The Gangster Disciples", by George W. Knox and Leslie L. Fuller, pp. 58-76.

Volume 3, Number 2 (Winter 1996):

"Gang Migration: The Familial Gang Transplant Phenomenon", by John A. Laskey, pp. 1-15.

"Community Strategies to Neutralize Gang Proliferation", by James F. Anderson and Laronistine Dyson, pp. 17-26.

"Preliminary Results of the 1995 Adult Corrections Survey: A Special Report of the National Gang Crime Research Center", pp. 27-63.

"Gang Profile: The Black Gangsters, AKA 'New Breed'", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 64-76.

Volume 3, Number 3 (Spring, 1996):

"What Works: The Search for Excellence in Gang Intervention Programs", by James G. Houston, pp. 1-16.

"A Violent Few: Gang Girls in the California Youth Authority", by Jill Leslie Rosenbaum, pp. 17-23.

"Specialization Patterns of Gang and Nongang Offending: A Latent Structure Analysis", by Kevin M. Thompson, David Brownfield, and Ann Marie Sorenson, pp. 25-35.

"The 'Tabula Rasa' Intervention Project for Delinquent Gang-Involved Females", by Ernest M. DeZolt, Linda M. Schmidt, and Donna C. Gilcher, pp. 37-43.

"Gang Profile: The Black Disciples", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 45-65.

Editorial on O.J.J.D.P., pp. 72-74.

Volume 3, Number 4 (Summer, 1996):

"Inside Gang Society: How Gang Members Imitate Legitimate Social Forms", by Alice P. Franklin Elder, Ph.D., pp. 1-12.

"Defiance and Gang Identity: Quantitative Tests of Qualitative Hypotheses", by Gary F. Jensen, pp. 13-29.

"Factors Associated With Gang Involvement Among Incarcerated Youths", by William Evans and Alex Mason, pp. 31-40.

"Research Note: The 1996 National Law Enforcement Gang Analysis Survey — A Special Report from the NGCRC", pp . 41-55.

"Gang Profile: The Black P. Stone Nation", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 57-74

Volume 4, Number 1(Fall, 1996):

"The Extent and Dynamics of Gang Activity in Juvenile Correctional Facilities", by Sandra S. Stone, Ph.D. and Jerry Wycoff, Ph.D., pp. 1-8.

"A Comparative Analysis of Female Gang and Non-Gang Members in Chicago", by Jean Chang, Ph.D., pp. 9-18.

"Joining the Gang: A Look at Youth Gang Recruitment", by Thomas A. Rees, Jr., pp. 19-25.

"Side by Side: An Ethnographic Study of a Miami Gang", by Wilson R. Palacios, pp. 27-38.

"Views from the Field: Not Just Removing Tattoos", by Brian M. Bochenek, pp. 39-42.

"Gang Profile: The Latin Kings", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 43-72.


Volume 4, Number 2 Winter, 1997):

"Black Youth Gangs", by Janice Joseph, Ph.D., pp. 1-12.

"Causes of Gang Participation and Strategies for Prevention in Gang Members' Own Words", by Suman K. Sirpal, pp. 13-22.

"Kindred Spirits: Sister Mimetic Societies and Social Responsibilities", by Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan, pp. 23-36.

"The Social Reality of Street Gangs", by David E. Neely, pp. 37-46.

"Research Note: A Gang Classification System for Corrections — A Special Report of the NGCRC", pp. 47-57.

"Gang Profile: The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation of New York", by G.V. Corbiscello, pp. 59-74.

Volume 4, Number 3 (Spring 1997):

"The Gang Snitch Profile", by John A. Laskey, pp. 1-16.

"Helping Schools Respond to Gang Violence", by Tom Batsis, pp. 17-22.

"A Regional Gang Incident Tracking System", by Bryan Vila and James W. Meeker, pp. 23-36.

"Views from the Field: A Street Gang in Fact", by Fernando Parra, pp. 37-38.

"Views from the Field: GD Peace Treaty Fails in Gary", by Curtis J. Robinson, pp. 39-40.

"Research Note: The Facts About Female Gang Members", pp. 41-59.

"Crips: A Gang Profile Analysis", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 61-75.

Volume 4, Number 4 (Summer 1997):

"Introducing Gang Evidence Against a Criminal Defendant at Trial", by James G. Guagliardo, J.D. and Sgt. Michael Langston, pp. 1-10.

"Correlates of Gang Membership: A Test of Strain, Social Learning, and Social Control Theories", by David Brownfield, Kevin M. Thompson, and Ann Marie Sorenson, pp. 11-22.

"Origins and Effects of Prison Drug Gangs in North Carolina", by Dennis J. Stevens, pp. 23-35.

"A Socioeconomic Comparison of Drug Sales by Mexican-American and Mexican Immigrant Male Gang Members", by Harold K. Becker, George T. Felkenes, Lisa Magana, and Jill Huntley, pp. 37-47.

"Special Report: The Gang Problem in Chicago's Public Housing", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 49-65

"The Gang Dictionary: A Guide to Gang Slang, Gang Vocabulary, and Gang Socio-linguistic Phrases", pp. 66-75.

Volume 5, Number 1 (Fall 1997):

"Prison Gang Research: Preliminary Findings in Eastern North Carolina", by Mary S. Jackson and Elizabeth Gail Sharpe, M.S.W., pp. 1-7.

"Ideology and Gang Policy: Beyond the False Dichotomy", by J. Mitchell Miller, William J. Ruefle, and Richard A. Wright, pp. 9-20.

"The 'Get Out of the Gang Thermometer': An Application to a Large National Sample of African-American Male Youths", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 21-43.

"California Juvenile Gang Members: An Analysis of Case Records", by Jennifer Santman, Julye Myner, Gordon G. Cappeletty, and Barry F. Perimutter, pp. 45-53.

Views from the Field: Gangs in Sight, by Conny Vercaigne, pp. 55-61.

An Update on the Chicago Latin Kings, by George W. Knox, pp. 63-76.

Volume 5, Number 2 (Winter 1998):

"Bullying Behavior in School: A Predictor of Later Gang Involvement", by Shirley R. Holmes, Ph.D. and Susan J. Brandenburg-Ayres, Ed.D., , pp. 1-6.

"Correlates of Gang Involvement Among Juvenile Probationers", by Jeffrey M. Jenson, Ph.D. and Matthew O. Howard, Ph.D., pp. 7-15.

"Common Characteristics of Gangs: Examining the Cultures of the New Urban Tribes", by Lt. Gregg W. Etter, Sr., pp. 19-33.

"The Rural Gang Problem: A Case Study in the Midwest", by Michael P. Coghlan, pp. 35-40.

"Research Note: A Comparison of Two Gangs - The Gangster Disciples and the Vice Lords", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 41-50.

"Special Report: White Racist Extremist Gang Members - A Behavioral Profile", pp. 51-60.

"Gang Profile: A Nation of Gods - The Five Percent Nation of Islam", by G.V. Corbiscello, pp. 61-73.

Volume 5, Number 3 (Spring 1998):

"At-Risk Behavior and Group Fighting: A Latent Structure Analysis, by Kevin M. Thompson, David Brownfield, and Ann Marie Sorenson, pp. 1-14.

"Social and Psychological Characteristics of Gang Members", by Marc Le Blanc and Nadine Lanctot, pp. 15-28.

"Nickname Usuage by Gang Members", by Barbara H. Zaitzow, pp. 29-40.

"Prison Gangs in South Africa: A Comparative Analysis", by James G. Houston and Johan Prinsloo, pp. 41-52.

Special Report: An Update of Asian Gang Affiliation, by Zheng Wang, Ph.D., pp. 53-59.

Abstracts: The Preliminary Program of the 19998 Second International Gang Specialiast Training Conference, pp. 60-73.

Volume 5, Number 4 (Summer 1998):

"Development of an Instrument for Predicting At-Risk Potential for Adolescent Street Gang Membership", by Todd D. Negola, M.A., pp. 1-14.

"From Boozies to Bloods: Early Gangs in Los Angeles", by John C. Quicker and Akil Batani-Khalfani, pp. 15-22.

“A Descriptive and Comparative Analysis of Female Gang Members”, by Arthur J. Lurigio, James A. Schwartz, and Jean Chang, pp. 23-33.

"The Death of Telemachus: Street Gangs and the Decline of Modern Rites of Passage", by Andrew V. Papachristos, pp. 35-44.

"Views from the Field: Guidelines for Operating an Effective Gang Unit", by Sgt. Michael Langston, pp. 45-70.

"Special Report: How to Gang Proof Your Child", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 71-76.

Volume 6, Number 1 (Fall 1998):

"A Special Report from the National Gang Crime Research Center: Excerpts from the Economics of Gang Life", pp. 1-34.

"Views from the Field of Law Enforcment: A Speech by Sgt. Ron Stallworth", pp. 35-55.

"Views from the Vield of Corrections: A Speech to Inmates by Major Raymond Rivera", pp. 57-60.

"Gang Profile: Association Neta", by Sgt. Raymond E. Hehnly, pp. 61-68.

Volume 6, Number 2 (Winter 1999):

"Risk Factors Associated with Gang Joining Among Youth", by Sandra S. Stone, Ph.D., pp. 1-18.

"The Promulgation of Gang-Banging Through the Mass Media", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 19-38.

"Views from the Field: Gang Homicide Investigation", by Det. James Fanscali, pp. 39-46.

"Research Note: Asian Gangs", by Thomas F. McCurrie, Ph.D., pp. 47-52.

"Special Report: A Comparison of Gang Members and Non-Gang Members from Project GANGFACT", pp. 53-76.

Volume 6, Number 3 (Spring 1999):

"Goal Displacement at Leadership and Operational Levels of the Gang Organizatin", by Alice P. Franklin Elder, Ph.D., pp. 1-7.

"Skinheads: Manifestations of the Warrior Culture of the New Urban Tribes", by Lt. Gregg W. Etter Sr., pp. 9-21.

"Prison Gangs: The North Carolina Experience", by Barbara H. Zaitzow, Ph.D. and James G. Houston, Ph.D., pp. 23-32.

"Risk Behaviors for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Gangs in Dallas, Texas", by Bertis B. Little, Ph.D.; Jose Gonzalez, M.S.S.W., Laura Snell, M.P.H., and Christian Molidor, Ph.D., pp. 33-47.

Research Note: "Juvenile Gang Members: A Public Health Perspective", by George W. Knox, Ph.D. and Edward D. Tromanhauser, Ph.D., pp. 49-60.

Gang Profile: The Brotherwoods - The Rise and Fall of a White-Supremacist Gang Inside a Kansas Prison, by Roger H. Bonner, pp. 61-76.


Volume 6, Number 4 (Summer 1999):

"A Comparison of Cults and Gangs: Dimensions of Coercive Power and Malevolent Authority", by George W. Knox, Ph.D., pp. 1-39.

"Jamaican Posses and Transnational Crimes", by Janice Joseph, Ph.D., pp. 41-47.

"The Affirmation of Hanging Out: The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Gang Busting Laws and Their Consequences", by Lewis Yablonsky, Ph.D., pp. 49-55.

"Trying to Live Gang-Free in Cicero, Illinois", by George W. Knox and Curtis J. Robinson., pp. 57-70.

"Views from the Field: The Impact of Gangs on Private Security in the Workplace", by Melvyn May, Ph.D., pp. 71-74.

Volume 7, Number 1: Fall, 1999

"Gang Prevention and Intervention in a Rural T own in California", by Karen Stum and Mayling Maria Chu, pp. 1 - 12.

"Gang Membership: Gang Formations and Gang Joining", by Steven R. Cureton, Ph.D., pp. 13-21.

"A New Breed of Warrior: The Emergence of American Indian Youth Gangs", by Julie A. Hailer and Cynthia Baroody Hart, pp. 23 - 33.

"Profiling the Satanic/Occult Dabblers in the Correctional Offender Population", by Curtis J. Robinson, pp. 35-66.

"Views from the Field: By Gordon McLean", pp. 72-75.

Volume 7, Number 2: Winter, 2000

"The Impact of the Federal Prosecution of the Gangster Disciples", by George W. Knox, pp. 1 - 64.

"Views from the Field: A Look Into the Michigan Department of Corrections STG/Gang Program", by Robert Mulvaney, STG Coordinator, pp. 65-66.

"Legal Note: Additional Civil Suits Against Gangs in Illinois", pp. 67-73.

"Views From the Field: A.D., After the Disciples: The Neighborhood Impact of a Federal Prosecution", by Andrew V. Papachristos, pp. 74-76.

Volume 7, Number 3: Spring, 2000

"A National Assessment of Gangs and Securty Threat Groups (STGs) in Adult Correctional Institutions: Results of the 1999 Adult Corrections Survey", by George W. Knox, pp. 1 - 45.

"The Preliminary Program for Gang College 2000: Confirmed Trainers and Presenters With Session Length and Abstracts/Bios", pp. 47 - 71.

"Information About Gang College 2000", pp. 72-76.

Volume 7, Number 4: Summer, 2000

"Overcoming Problems Associated with Gang Research: A Standardized and Systemic Methodology", by Douglas L. Yearwood and Richard Hayes, pp. 1 - 8.

"The Gangbangers of East Los Angeles: Sociopsycho-analytic Considerations", by Gene N. Levine and Fernando Parra, pp. 9 - 12.

"A Corporation-Based Gang Prevention Approach: Possible? Preliminary Report of A Corporate Survey", by John Z. Wang, Ph.D., pp. 13-28.

"Homicide in School: A Preliminary Discussion", by Shirley R. Holmes, Ph.D., pp. 29-36.

"Special Report of the NGCRC: Findings from Project GANGMILL", pp. 37-76.

Volume 8, Number 1: Fall, 2000

"Frederic M. Thrasher (1892-1962) And The Gang (1927)", by Gilbert Geis and Mary Dodge, pp. 1-49.

"Asian Gangs: New Challenges in the 21st Century", by John Z. Wang, pp. 51-62.

"Street Gangs and Apartment Housing in America: A Qualitative Assessment", by Michael J. Witkowski, CPP, pp. 63-70.

Volume 8, Number 2: Winter, 2001

"Vietnamese Gangs, Cliques, and Delinquents", by Yoko Baba, pp. 1-20..

"Adolescents Leaving Gangs: An Analysis of Risk and Protective Factors, Resilency and Desistance in A Developmental Context", by Laura Caldwell and David M. Altschuler, pp. 21-34.

"Ecological Assessment: Establishing Ecological Validity in Gang Intervention Strategies - A Call for Ecologically Sensitive Assessment of Gang Affected Youth", by Thomas Boerman, pp. 35-48.

"Totemism and Symbolism in the White Supremacist Movements: Images of an Urban Warrior Culture", by Lt. Gregg W. Etter, Sr., Ed.D., pp. 49-75.

Volume 8, Number 3: Spring, 2001

“The Relationship between Gang and Other Group Involvement and the Use of Illicit Drugs: Findings From Maryland’s Offender Population Urinalysis Screening (OPUS) Program”, by George S. Yacoubian, Jr.,; Delcie G. Rico; Elisabeth Fost; Blake J. Urbach; and Eric D. Wish, pp. 1 - 11.

"Program Information on the 4th International Gang Specialist Training Program: Chicago, IL, Aug. 15-17, 2001: Confirmed Trainers and Presenters With Session Length and Abstracts/Bios", pp. 13-31

"Abstract Information for the Summer, 2001 Training Conference", pp. 33 - 76.

Volume 8, Number 4: Summer, 2001

"A Statewide Assessment of Gangs in Public Schools: Origins, Membership and Criminal Activities", by Douglas L. Yearwood and Richard Hayes, pp. 1-12.

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Veterano Chicano Gang Members and the (Dys)Functional Aspects of the Role", by Fernando Parra, pp. 13-18.

"A Gang By Any Other Name is Just a Gang: Towards an Expanded Definition of Gangs", by James F. Anderson, Nancie J. Mangels, and Laronistine Dyson, pp. 19-34.

"Legal, Ethical and Clinical Implications of Doing Field Work with Young Gang Members Who Engage in Serious Violence", by Mark Totten, pp. 35-56.

Gang Profile: "The Satan's Disciples", by George W. Knox, pp. 57-76.

Volume 9, Number 1: Fall, 2001

"Bomb and Arson Crimes Among American Gang Members: A Behavioral Science Profile --- A Special Report by the National Gang Crime Research Center", pp. 1-38.

"Methamphetamine Use and Sales Among Gang Members: The Cross-Over Effect", by Curtis J. Robinson, pp. 39-52.

"Gang Profile Update: The Black P. Stone Nation", by George W. Knox, pp. 53-76.

Volume 9, Number 2: Winter, 2002

"Distinguishing the Effects of Peer Delinquency and Gang Membership on Self-Reported Delinquency", by David Brownfield and Kevin Thompson, pp. 1-10.

"Familial Crimnality, Familial Drug Use, and Gang Membership: Youth Criminality, Drug Use, and Gang Membership - What are the Connnections?", by Suman Kakar, pp. 11-22.

"Differentiating Factors in Gang and Drug Homicide", by Gerri-Ann Brandt and Brenda Russell, pp. 23-40.

"Applying Self-Control Theory to Gang Membership in a Non-Urban Setting", by Trina L. Hope and Kelly R. Damphouse, pp. 41-61.

NGCRC Special Report: "Responding to Gangs in the 21st Century: A Research and Policy View", by George W. Knox, pp. 63-74.

Book Review: Hope Fulfilled for At-Risk and Violent Youth, reviewed by Shirley R. Holmes, pp. 75-76.

Volume 9, Number 3: Spring, 2002

Special Report: "The Melanics - A Gang Profile Analysis", by George W. Knox, pp. 1-76.

Volume 9, Number 4: Summer, 2002

"A Preliminary Profile of Laotian/Hmong Gangs: A California Perspective", by John Z. Wang, pp. 1-14.

"The Perceived Effects of Religion on White Supremacist Culture", by Lt. Gregg W. Etter Sr., pp. 15-24.

"From Religious Cult to Criminal Gang: The Evolution of Chinese Triads (Part 1)", by Hua-Lun Huang and John Z. Wang, pp. 25-32.

"Dangerous Motorcycle Gangs: A Facet of Organized Crime in the Mid Atlantic Region", by Richard C. Smith, Sr.

"The Drivers License: A Suggested Gang Suppression Strategy", by James O. Henkel and Philip L. Reichel, pp. 45-56.

Abstracts of the Preliminary Program for the 2002 Fifth International Gang Specialist Training Conference, August 14-16, 2002, Chicago, IL, pp. 57-75.

Volume 10, Number 1: Fall, 2002

"Work, Workplace Deviance, and Criminal Offenders: An Analysis of Project GANGMILL", by Michael J. Witkowski, Robert J. Homant, aned Erick Barnes, pp. 1-10.

"Predictors of Gang Involvement Among American Indian Adolescents", by Les B. Whitbeck, Dan R. Hoyt, Xiaojin Chen, and Jerry D. Stubben, pp. 11-26.

"Promising (And Not-So-Promising) Gang Prevention and Intervention Strategies: A Compehensive Literature Review", by Jeanne B. Stinchcomb, pp. 27-46.

"The "New" Female Gang Member: Anomaly or Evolution?", by James F. Anderson, Willie Brooks, Jr., Adam Langsam, and Laronistine Dyson, pp. 47-65.

Gang Profile Analysis: "Black Gods in Red Bank: The Five Percent Nation in Central New Jersey", by David J. Dodd and Damon Pearson, pp. 66-74.

Volume 10, Number 2: Winter, 2003

"Security Threat Groups: The Threat Posed by White Supremacist Organizations", by Lt. Gregg W. Etter, Sr., pp. 1-24.

"White Supremacy Music - What Does it Mean to Our Youth", by Andrew M. Grascia, pp. 25-31.

"Confronting Transnational Gangs in the Americas", by Joseph Rogers, pp. 33-44.

"Native-American Youths and Gangs", by Janice Joseph and Dorothy Taylor, pp. 45-54.

"Chicano Music and Latino Rap and its Influence on Gang Violence and Culture", by Gabe Morales, pp. 55-63.

"Prison Deviance as a Predictor of General Deviance: Some Correlational Evidence from Project GANGMILL", by Robert J. Homant and Michael J. Witkowski, pp. 65-75.

Volume 10, Number 3: Spring, 2003

"A Modus Operandi Analysis of Bank Robberies by An Asian Gang: Implications for Law Enforcement", by John Z. Wang, pp. 1-12.

"Strategic Planning for Law Enforcement Agencies: Management as a Gang Fighting Strategy", by Lt. Gregg W. Etter, Sr., pp. 13-23.

"Street Gangs: Utilizing Their Roll Calls for Investigative and Research Purposes", by Ken Davis, pp. 25-36.

"Gang Violence in Rural Georgia: A Community's Fight", by Shirley R. Holmes and Joe Amerling, pp. 37-64.

Gang Threat Analysis: "The Chaldean Mafia: A Preliminary Gang Threat Analysis", by George Knox, pp. 65-76.

Volume 10, Number 4: Summer, 2003

“Female Gangs and Patterns of Female Delinquency in Texas”, by Alan C. Turley, pp. 1-12.

“How Do Youth Claiming Gang Membership Differ From Youth Who Claim Membership in Another Group, Such As A Crew, Clique, Posse, or Mob?”, by Julie M. Amato and Dewey G. Cornell, pp. 13-23.

“The Effect of Gang Membership on Parole Outcome”, by Marilyn D. McShane, Frank P. Williams III, and H. Michael Dolny, pp. 25-38.

“Connecting Students At-Risk to Schools: Social Program Interventions”, by Shirley R. Holmes, Susan J. Brandenburg-Ayres, and Daria T. Cronic, pp. 39-46.

Volume 11, Number 1: Fall, 2003

“Differential Association and Gang Membership”, by David Brownfield, pp. 1-12.

“Do Gangs Exist in Rural Areas and Small Cities: Perceptions of Law Enforcement Agencies”, by Satasha L. Green, pp. 13-31.

“Girls in Gangs: Biographies and Culture of Female Gang Associates in New Zealand”, BY Greg Newbold and Glennis Dennehy, pp. 33-53.

“Gangster Rap - The Real Words Behind the Songs”, by Andrew M. Grascia, pp. 55-63.

“Why Do Children Join Gangs?”, pp. 65-75.

Volume 11, Number 2: Winter 2004

An Assessment of Gang Presence and Related Activity at the County Level: Another Deniability Refutation”, by J. Mitchell Miller, et al, pp. 1-22.

“Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13) in Montgomery County Maryland”, by Jeffrey T. Wennar, pp. 23-28.

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Exporting American Organized Crime - Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs”, by Tom Barker, pp. 37-50.

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