Welcome......here you will able to review a huge amount of positive comments from people who have previously attended NGCRC Gang Training Conferences.


Quotable Quotes from Persons who attended the 2009 NGCRC Training Conference in Chicago, August 12-14, 2009: Strong Qualitative Evidence of How the NGCRC Sets the Gold Standard for Gang Training.

            “The material presented was very helpful. Each speaker knew his/her stuff and was very interested and open to sharing his/her knowledge and contact information — everyone was eager and generous with information and resources to share.” Kathy Tippett, DeKalb, IL

            “Every year I learn more and more. NGCRC is where I am able to network and learn more in this line of work — Thank you George and staff, and all the NGCRC volunteers”. Kris Allen, Henricks County Sheriff’s Dept., Danville, IN

            “The choice of presentations was outstanding. I have been to several conferences and none had this many choices of presentations.” Stefan Bjes, Chicago Police Dept., Chicago, IL

            “The Cabrini Green field training tour memoriable - a must for all. The ex-gang members testimonials on the tour and the Christian reception were moving and really put the conference topics into perspective. Presenters were excellent - content was exciting and engaging. Another great year! The technical staff was abundant - polite - professional and outstanding!!” Michelle Wood

            “I have never been trained in outlaw biker gangs and I feel it has been the most informative training I have received on any subject. The tips on officer safety I will definitely share with my teammates and fellow police officers.” Kris Stipanov, Chicago Police Dept., Chicago, IL

            “Top quality experts and resources. Excellent opportunity to network with those in the field throughout the country.” Dan Feaster, Samaritan Counseling Center, Monona, WI

            “The friendships we’ve made with people here and the connections we’ve made with presenters and with participants attending the conference.” Helen Feaster, Samaritan Counseling Center, Monona, WI

            “A lot of good, detailed information on gangs and gang activities. In Flint, Mich., most of the violent crime is drug/gang related. It will provide a base of understanding of the relatedness of many crimes and the problems with handling victims and witnesses.” Michael Tesner, Prosecutor’s Office, Flint, MI

            “The choices!! A lot of experts presenting and everyone was willing to be a resource.” Jessi Hackney, Juvenile Home, Marshall, MI

            “My overall experience was great!! Everything is organized and well run. The networking provided me with many new contacts. I look forward to coming again next year.” Pamela Basal, Department of Corrections, Marquette, MI

            “Mr. Knox and NGCRC always does a EXCELLENT JOB!!” William “Bill” Marsh, Sheriff’s Office, Danville, IN

            “The wide variety of classes.” Scott Adams, Michigan State Police, Flint, MI

            “There was a great variety of courses to choose from. If I’m able to attend in 2010, I will be able to experience courses I missed.” Timothy Fink, Saginaw Police Dept., Saginaw, MI

            “This conference provided me further tools to take back to my community and agency which will help me do my job better.” Garret Swittart

            “Every presenter has made themselves available after the conference for further information sharing.” Michael J. Nolan, U.S. Courts, Madison, WI

            “Overall, the material and presenters were excellent. Great choices to select the training that best suits you. I hope to be here and participate in next year’s conference. Keep up the great work!” Marcelo L. Rodriguez, U.S. Probation, Miami, FL

            Once again the NGCRC outdid itself. The conference continues to grow and get better each and every year. From being able to network with other gang specialists, to learning from those who are truly experts in their field, this is hands down the best training I have ever received.” Michael Pietruszynski, Palos Heights Police Dept., Palos Heights, IL

            “Very intensive; obtained a great deal of knowledge.” Dennis B. Crosby, Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, Chicago, IL

            “- Gangs and Hi-Tech Communication, the two tours to Cabrini Greens and Pilsen/Littlevillage, were the three best experiences of the conference.

            - Training for trainers all so good training, keep it for years to come.” Kevin Warne, Tulsa Police Dept., Tulsa, OK

            “Charla’s class on disturbing teen trends and the Pilsen/Little Village tour.” Jackie Henke, The Link, Thornton, CO

            “Intensive and informative sessions.” Deanna Qualtieri, City of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

            “Large selection of classes, breakout format, great location and facilities.” Mark Hinshaw, Plano Independent School District, Plano, TX

            “All the presenters are extremely knowledgeable, learned a tremendous amount of new info. Pleased w/overall conference. Everyone is very passionate about their subject and is willing to go above and beyond to help you now and later down the road.” Thomas J. Smith, Tri County Special Education, Murphysboro, IL

            “The lectures were great, very up to date and informative.” Tiffany Zapata-Mancilla, Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Chicago, IL

            “Great assortment of classes and tracks to choose from.” Shawn Yeager, Kendall County Court Services, Yorkville, IL

            “The variety and quality of session titles and presenters were superb! Hotel was comfortable, location very good. Jam packed with good content.” D

            “Great opportunities to network. Great organization. Great variety of learning experiences.” Tom Schneider, Juvenile Court of Cook County, Skokie, IL

            “Inspiring. The instructors did a great job; the location is perfect and the networking possibilities endless.” Jeffrey M. Johnson, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

            “The instructors were all very knowledgeable and the networking opportunities were great!” Adam Williams, Jackson Police Dept., Jackson, MI

            “Excellent conference. I will be back and I will bring some of my employees with me.” Terry Bryant, DEA, Houston, TX

            “Criminal Minds of Gangsters was great and the presenter kept it most interesting.” Traci M. Neff, San Juan County Juvenile Services, Farmington, NM

            “Diversity and experience of instructors.” Tom Ramirez, U.S. District Court Probation and Parole, Norfolk, VA

            “This has allowed officers from all over the country to get together and understand the problems of there fellow officers, and the help that each can provide each other. This class has provided some outstanding instructors.” Earl Wright, LA Department of Justice, Baton Rouge, LA

            “Everyone here takes this very seriously and are extremely professional.” Jay E. Town, Madison County District Attorney’s Office, Huntsville, AL

            “What a tremendous place to meet and connect with other gang specialists.” Chris Przemieniecki, Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA

            “This conference was well organized with thought to the attendee. The staff w/NGCRC are the most diligent and comitted that I have come across. If there is anything that I can do for you in the future please let me know - conference time or other.” Jeff Howard, Michigan Department of Corrections, Adrian, MI

            “The vast network contacts.” Mario Hesse, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN

            “The instructors were extremely knowledgeable of the course material.” Terry L. Walker, Detroit Public Schools District Police, Detroit, MI

            “I really appreciated all of the networking opportunities and the broad spectrum of material covered in all of the classes.” Rex Hammond, Davenport, IA

            “This training was very informative and interesting data and intel was collected. Great research has been gathered.” Jerry Williams, Latin America Youth Center, Washington, DC

            “The Best: The ability to network with new people and the exchange of gang information with other areas of the United States and hearing/seeing the variations was an eye opener!” Josef Wehlauch, Normal, IL

            “It was one of the greatest experiences thus far in my career as a student and future law enforcement officer. I’ll see you next year!” John Kotchen, St. Cloud, MN

            “Very socialable, friendly, presenters willing to go that extra mile to provide training. Excellent opportunity to network.” Claran Murphy, Irish Police Dept., Dublin, Ireland

            “The overall experience was awesome. Dr. Knox, the NGCRC, and the many qualified instructors have made this the most educating gang information training I have ever attended.” Michael A. Garner, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, Houma, LA

            “A great chance to network and stay up to speed on current trends.” Bill Jennings, Michigan State Police, East Lansing, MI

            “Classes by Andrew Papachristos were extremely enjoyable, informative, interesting, and well put together.” Joshua Shaffer, Knoxville Police Dept., Knoxville, TN

            “Andrew Papachristos is an excellent instructor. His knowledge of the materials he teaches is vast.” James D. Sisk, Knoxville Police Dept., Knoxville, TN

            “Most of the presenters provided indepth and relevant information during their session. Their delivery caught and kept my attention. I appreciated receiving handouts of the presentations.” Jean Sullivan, North Dakota State Penitentiary, Bismark, ND

            “The networking is the best part about the conference.” Benjamin McKenney, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Noblesville, IN

            “This is one of the best places to see a variety of approaches and opinions and gives ideas to incorporate locally. The networking part is unparalleled.”Mike Barrett, Denver District Adult Probation, Denver, CO

            “Ability to network.” Rodney Scott, Loves Park Police Dept., Loves Park, IL

            “It is nice to see so many people dedicated to their profession. This was very well done! I was so glad to be included. Thank you!” Annie Purtell, Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office - Gang Unit, Chicago, IL

            “This conference continues to be the best and most practical conference I have attended. I am a school principal and a law enforcement officer. Every class I attended will serve me well in both professions.” Kerry Reid, Byhalia Middle School, Byhalia, MS

            “Excellent resource of tools, facts, and ideas for intervention and prevention of STG’s. Thank you!” Aaron Kern, Kent County Juvenile Detention, Grand Rapids, MI

            “Networking, the Criminal Mind Class.” Mike Odette, Michigan State Police F.A.N.G., Grand Rapids, MI

            “The best experience was the tour of Cabrini Green. It provided a wealth of relative information from a source (Willie) and (Bill) who brought their stories with passion and intelligence. They were able to inspire tremendous feedback as well as off concrete examples of relationships can change lives. Also Todd Negola really did an awesome job providing us with crucial information and practical techniques for law enforcement and community workers.” William A. Gray, Grand Rapids Urban Young Life, Grand Rapids, MI

            “All instructors knew what they were talking about and cares about their topics.” Nick Neal, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Dept., Lawrenceville, GA

            “Excellent choice of curriculum.” Neil Huffine, St. Joseph County Police Dept., South Bend, IN

            “Networking, lots of information.” Chad Butts, Alabama Department of Public Safety, Montgomery, AL

            “Communicating with others from various places.” Al Cox, Alabama Department of Public Safety, Montgomery, AL

            “You had excellent instructors that were willing to answer questions both during their session (Negola) and on their own time (Mulvaney).” Joshua Cole, Allegan County Sheriff’s Dept., Allegan, MI

            “Liked the track options.” Crystal Kass, Buffalo, MN

            “NGCRC staff was very helpful. Kuddo’s to Dorothy. Also, Faith Based Track was great! Thanks. Special thanks to Dr. Knox.” Jimmy D. Dominquez

            “The amount and variety of training is excellent.” Daniel Fitzpatrick, Broward Sheriff’s Office, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

            “Outstanding and expert trainers, professional conference.” Cindy Snider, South Arkansas Youth Service, Magnolia, AR

            “The atmosphere was wonderful.” George E. Barnes, South Arkansas Youth Service, Magnolia, AR

            “It was well organized.” Troy Smith, Springfield Police Dept., Springfield, MO

            “Very interesting information. Most informative conference I have been to.” Corey Johnson, Pathways to Peace, Rochester, NY

            “The networking experience was invaluable.” Robert Lee, Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, Chicago, IL

            “Wonderful opportunity to network with other gang investigators and improve my gang information updates. Great people who go out of their way to help the other investigators.” Fred S. Scott, St. Joseph County Police Dept., South Bend, IN

            “I learned more as always about gangs.” Antwan Harris, U.S. Probation Office, Colonial Heights, VA

            “Everything was great! I learned more in 3 days than I have in 5 years on the streets!” Ricardo Gonzalez

            “Variety of class topics.” Robert “Bob” Clark, Alabama Fusion Center, Montgomery, AL

            “Wide range of speakers and their experience.” Jeff Caldwell, Rosemont Public Safety Dept., Rosemont, IL

            “You had some very dynamic speakers taught good programs. I was very impressed with the knowledge base of the presenters. The networking was amazing. The instructors as well as the attendees were very open to networking.” Michael Robbins, Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Commerce City, CO

            “Variety of topics, backgrounds of participants, great location.” James Leslie, Cross in the City, Pasadena, TX

            “Again, meeting people from all over the globe and sharing interests and experiences was informative. Fun and educational. Brother Jim and Cohorts visit to Cabrini Green was a unforgettable event.” Michael John Witkowski, University of Detroit Mercy, Clarkston, MI

            “The choices of sessions and the knowledge that each speaker/presenter brought to those sessions was amazing! I could not get enough and will take away from the conference so much wonderful information. Thanks to NGCRC!” Carrie R. Edwards, East Central Gerogia CONS, Thomson GA

            “Some good info to take home and apply.” Trevor Reid, Mt. Pleasant Police Dept., Mt. Pleasant, MI

            “I enjoyed the professionalism and variety of workshop choices. I also really enjoyed the tours!” James W. Odom, Alternate Behavior, Houston, TX

            “Variety of classes.” Ryan Silvis, Wyoming Police Dept., Wyoming, MI

            “Everyone is professional and I enjoy seeing the staff each year.” Kevin Turner, Madison County District Attorney, Huntsville, AL

            “Plenty of choices on presentations to attend.” Robbie Broussard, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, Lake Charles, LA

            “I enjoyed the networking experience and learning from others in the field.” Dr. Manuel R. Roman, Jr., Sierra College, Sacramento, CA

            “I enjoyed all the presenters. Very knowledgeable and entertaining. All the presenters made it very easy to comprehend material.” James Regan, Salt River Department of Corrections, Scottsdale, AZ

            “I enjoyed the large selection of classes to attend and was able to learn something from each of the classes I attended. I especially enjoyed Dr. Etter and Ron Holmes.” Robert Kozlowski, Belvidere Police Dept., Belvidere, IL

            “Great training/information. Extremely valuable to be able to network with other L.E. and see what is happening in other jurisdictions.” Steve Jones, Belvidere Police Dept., Belvidere, IL

            “The wealth of information provided and the most up to date information that is gathered by professionals of all areas.” Carlos Leal, Logansport Police Dept., Logansport, IN

            “Very informative. Great materials. Good speakers.” Chris Haves

            “All the knowledge and information you need to deal with gangs.” James A. Kandrevas, 28th District Court, Southgate, MI

            “A lot of good info. Thanks.” Mario I. Alfaro, Hispanic Center of Western Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI

            “The training conference was very informative and educational.” Paul Riley, Youth For Christ, Chicago, IL

            “This has been my first gang conference and it was very enjoyable and everyone was very friendly. I feel coming out of this conference I have the knowledge of office. I look forward to coming next year.” Anthony Behl, Brooklyn Park, MN

            “I liked everything the conference had to give. It was a great experience. I got a lot of knowledge. Thank you very much.” Luis DeJesus, Salesian High School, Richmond, CA

            “The diversity of the presenters.” Kevin Maurelli, Plymouth, MN

            “During this time of economic restraints, the training dollars spent by city, state and federal agencies are well spent on the outstanding training offered by NGCRC. Keep up the outstanding work. The presenters were outstanding.” Robert Fuller, Denver District Attorney’s Office, Denver, CO

            “The conference coordinators, instructors, and volunteers were very friendly, passionate and informative. I really enjoyed the opportunity to tour the Little Village and Pilsen neighborhood - in addition to having the ability to tour the YES program. The staff in that program are deeply committed and are making a much needed impact on the “intervention” front. All in all, I very much enjoyed my experience at this diverse and thought provoking conference. Great job!” Erin C. Spruance, Minnesota Department of Corrections, St. Paul, MN

            “Growing prevention/intervention presence from around the U.S. That there must continue to grow on understanding between law enforcement and the prevention/intervention fields as NGCRC recognizes/supports.” Henry R. Pacheco, World Vision U.S. Programs, Herndon, VA

            “Lots of choices, great speakers. Very resourceful and informative.” Thomas J. Gregory, Anchorage Police Dept., Anchorage, AK

            “The instructors were very knowledgeable about topics and it was great to network with others.” Charles L. Joiner, Alabama Department of Public Safety, Sylarauga, AL

            “Like always, love this conference, the presenters subject matter, the crystal clear programs and hand-outs, the overall atmosphere. Thank you, National Gang Crime Research Center.” Malik A. Aziz, National Exhoodus Council (NEC), Philadelphia, Pa

            “Very good speakers. Very nice hotel.” Jason Cowin

            “The conference was top flight, well planned, and organized. Subject matter were very informative and the presenters knew their material well.” Arthur Killingsworth, Good News Jail + Prison Ministry, Chicago, IL

            “The Burnout in Blue session was very helpful and informative and was one of the best classes I attended.” Shawn Brady, York County Sheriff’s Office, York, PA

            “Most informative “Gang Conference” I ever attended.” Timothy A. Rose, Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS), Camp Lejeune, NC

            “I was able to learn so much in a short period of time.” Erik Sheff-Howe

            “Many of the presenters were willing to clarify topics and had an abundance of evidence to provide. Very positive experience.” Joe Mishler, St. Cloud State University, Circle Pines, MN

            “Todd Negola - awesome speaker!  Lots of good info. I really learned a lot.” Laura Johnson Palomares, Employee and Family Resources, Des Moines, IA

            “Speakers were well-prepared and knowledgeable in their respective areas. Most speakers provided useful, practical and relevant information.” Lynda Tillis, U.S. Probation, Jackson, MS

            “Great information on biker gangs.” Jeff Moore, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, Marion, IL

            “I think it was very beneficial to network with other professionals and share information with one another. The presenters did a good job presenting. The support staff was very helpful and willing to assist and help. I feel I have been equipped to go back to my community and educate the citizens.” Terron K. Hayes, Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office, Albany, GA

            “The classes and the instructors were great. The conference had a lot of choices in different categories of law enforcement, collections and education. I enjoyed all of the people in class and the networking availability.” Bobby J. Cartwright, Pocahontas State Correctional Center, Pocahontas, VA

The above comments were made in the evaluation forms by persons who attended the 2009 NGCRC Training Conference in Chicago.


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Quotable Quotes from Persons who attended the 2008 NGCRC Training Conference in Chicago, August 6-8, 2008: Strong Qualitative Evidence of How the NGCRC Sets the Gold Standard for Gang Training.

 The Conference Evaluation Form for the NGCRC's 2008 (Aug. 6-8th) Gang Specialist Training Conference held in Chicago, Illinois, included the open-ended question “What is the best thing you can say about your experience at this training conference (PRINT: We do appreciate hearing good news, so describe anything you really liked about the conference)”. The respondents also had the opportunity to be completely anonymous. The Evaluation Form included a separate follow-up question, asking for permission to quote them on whatever they might say in this regard.

 Listed below, therefore, are a number of such comments. Obviously, these are some very positive endorsements about the quality of the training provided by the NGCRC. Secondly, there is a large diversity of persons represented in this sample. We feel it provides strong, positive, qualitative research evidence of the effectiveness of NGCRC training.

            “I learned a great deal about gangs in a very short period of time”, Brandon Kramb, Grand Rapids, MI.

            “A good source of initial information for people just starting out with working with gangs. A unique opportunity for agencies all over the country to network and to learn from each other.” , Jason Skiba, Battle Creek Public School, Battle Creek, MI.

            “Tons of good information. So many excellent choices of topics.” , Curtis W. Hedgepeth, instructor, North Carolina Dept. Of Corrections, Apex, NC.

            “I really enjoyed the conference. There were so many seminars to choose from and I received a lot of great information to use in my career.” , Camara Lynn Harris, Davenport, IA.

            “The presenters were great. They offered lots of knowledge. Networking with other professionals was also a highlight.” , Gustavo Jimenez, Family Counselor, Rock Island, IL.

            “A wealth of information for anyone who may have contact with gangs.” , Keith Hook, Drug Testing Tech, CSOSA, Washington, DC.

            “Best location, accommodations, best time of the year. Friendliness.” , Terris E. Todd, Administrative Dean, Battle Creek Public Schools, Battle Creek, MI.

            “Presenters from many walks of life - all excellent. Great resources! Well run and well staffed. Really enjoyed the Tigers/Sox game.” , Pam Shufeldt, teacher, Calhoun County Juvenile Home, Marshall, MI.

            “As usual, there were a lot more interesting classes available that I could ever attend. Not another boring conference, the days flew by and the information was presented by outstanding instructors.” , Sgt. Steve Nelson, Greenwood Village Police Dept., Greenwood Village, CO.

            “Lots of choices with quality instructors. The staff was very helpful” , Sgt. Bill Hedgepath, Hammond Police Dept., Hammond, IN.

            “The ability to attend a large section of classes. The diversity of classes added to the uniqueness of the conference” , Sgt. Aaron A. Colletti, Rochester Police Dept., Rochester, NY.

            ‘The ease at which you can get from training session to training session. Also, the number of classes offered, the flexible schedule and the good quality instructors were a great bonus.” , Sgt. Naser Zenezovic, Rochester Police Dept., Rochester, NY.

            “I enjoyed the staff/presenters because they were very informative.” , Derick Collier, Student Support Specialist, Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

            “Networking, being able to talk with peers about problems, ideas, solutions, etc. and having concern from the specialists (speakers). One in particular, Delano Gilkey. He is always exceptional in his presentation. This is an exceptional conference.” , Daniel Shelton Jr., Drug and Violence Counselor, Hamburg School District, Hamburg, AR.

            “The ability to pick and choose those topics that are the most applicable to my P.D. was very beneficial. Speakers were the best and had extensive knowledge.” , Thomas “Steve” Jones, Belvidere Police Dept., Belvidere, IL.

            “Great chance to network and learn about gang issues in other areas of the country.” , Jeremy Bell, Belvidere Police Dept., Belvidere, IL.

            “The networking continues to be a strong asset. NGCRC continues to produce the best anti-gang conference in the U.S. If you don’t learn at least 5 things then you didn’t try.” , Dr. Rick Erickson, Malone, WI.

            “The NGCRC provided me with valuable information on trends in the gang crime that could be seen in the future in my jurisdiction. The training also allowed me to make important contacts in the field of law enforcement.” , Darren K. Brock, investigator, Knoxville Police Dept., Knoxville, TN.

            “Very good networking opportunities.” , Detective Colin Mulacek, Plainfield Police Dept., Plainfield, IL.

            “Awesome Networking experience.” , Karla Solis, Teacher, CISD, Albion, MI.

            “This conference has the highest caliber of staff and presenters in the field of gang research.” , Charles Meyer, Maqueketa, IA.

            “Networking, wanting to work together. Knowledgeable instructors.” , Aaron Kern, Youth Specialist, Kent County Juvenile Detention Center, Grand Rapids, MI.

            “I learned a lot of information that I can take with me to my facility. All of the presenters were very knowledgeable about their topics. Definitely a high quality conference. Thanks!” , Matthew Budd, Youth Specialist, Kent County Juvenile Detention Center, Grand Rapids, MI.

            “The ability to be able to network with a wide assortment of professionals from across the nation.” , Rex Hammond, Davenport, IA.

            “I enjoyed talking to others from around the country and hearing of their experiences; success and failures.” , Dr. Manuel R. Roman Jr., Professor, Sierra College, Rocklin, CA.

            “While I’m not a morning person, the early riser sessions helped to jump start my day and get one excited about the sessions throughout the day.” , Toni McClenney, Administrative Dean, Battle Creek Public Schools, Battle Creek, MI.

            “This conference had a wonderful selection of courses to choose from. I was very impressed with the conference.” , Detective Jason Francque, Moline Police Dept., Moline, IL.

            “This conference in multifaceted in approach. The variety of training sessions, networking functions and the guided tours allow participants to gain expertise through multiple methods of involvement. The conference is very well organized and fully packed with opportunities. I met numerous people at this conference who are invaluable contacts for future endeavors. An outstanding experience.” , Rob Hanser, Director, Institute of Law Enforcement, University of Louisiana at Monroe, West Monroe, LA.

            “An excellent gang conference with a lot of useful information.” , Lynn C. Gall, Student Support Specialist, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Virginia Beach, VA.

            “The conference was very well done. There were many topics of interest to choose from and the presenters were excellent.” , Greg Grostefon, Columbia Middle School, Logansport, IN.

            “The concept of the conference is excellent! I had the opportunity to learn what gang issues other communities are facing, how they are dealing with them, what’s working, what’s not, as well as meeting with other gang experts and specialists.” , Rob Rai, Youth Diversity Liaison, Surrey School District, Surrey, British Columbia.

            “Outstanding. I have never been to a conference that offers such a wide variety of training.” , Shay Brooks, Investigator, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Douglas, GA.

            “The class with Mrs. Charla Waxman and Professor F. Smith from MTSU were real fun.” , Dwight Atkinson, Police Officer, Huntsville Police Dept., Huntsville, AL.

            “It was a wonderful experience and a great learning experience.” , Devin Welch, Long Grove, IA.

            “This conference was packed with powerful information that every educator should know! Very practical and relevant.” , Tonya Featherston, Behavior Specialist, Baltimore Curriculum Project, Baltimore, MD.

            “Networking opportunities are great!” , Justin Janson, St. Cloud, MN.

            “Red shirt security was very friendly and helpful. Quality of speakers is unsurpassed.” , Adam Carlson, Skills/POST Advisor, St. Cloud, MN.

            “ I would like to take this time to thank Mr. Knox and his staff for the knowledge and the great hospitality Dr. Knox showed to us from Virginia. Again thank you this conference was great.” , Detective Gene D. Ballance, Gang Squad, Norfolk Police Dept., Norfolk, VA.

            “Great location!! Good variety, nice mixture of academic and practitioner. Awesome variety of specialists and session. Great experience overall.” , Dr. Wendy L. Hicks, Associate Professor, Loyola University New Orleans, New Orleans, LA.

            “The diversity of themes, approaches and viewpoint among the different professionals was key in being able to see the big picture of gangs and their social background.” , Carlos Frick, Kenosha Unified School District, Kenosha, WI.

            “Lots of options/classes.” , Ryan Silvis, Police Officer, Wyoming Police Dept., Wyoming, MI.

            “This is the most useful and insightful conference I have been to in 11 years in social work. Everyone was extremely nice! Field tours were powerful.” , Mary Peer, Community Access Therapist, Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Decatur, IL.

            “The classes were very informative, conference staff was great. Very helpful.” , Sherard Pollard, Deputy Sheriff, Franklin Co. Sheriff’s Office, Columbus, OH.

            “This conference was very educational, fun and very friendly. I met a lot of specialists and was able to network with many people from other cities.” , Shanel Poole, Indianapolis, IN.

            “The ability to network with others from across our grand nation was great, to see old friends and to make new ones was very special.” , Fred Moreno, Investigator, Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Chicago, IL.

            “This was a great opportunity to network with all phases of law enforcement, corrections and school administrators. This was an opportunity to gather information from various sources that I normally would not have access to.” , Sgt. Ray Cowin, Chicago Police Dept., Chicago, IL.

            “Once again the best, this conference has all the best tools to learn about what is going on around the country about gangs, and the networking opportunity is amazing, look forward to the 12th annual International National Gang Crime Summit.” , Malik A. Aziz, Philadelphia, PA.

            “Quality of content and quality of presenters. Great opportunity to network with some of the leading experts in the country.” , Dr. Dan Foster, Executive Director, Samaritan Counseling Center, Monona, WI.

            “Being able to go on the tours was a wonderful experience. The beginners training was the best training I received. I would have loved to have had more interactive training. A lot of training was sit and listen.” , Latonya D. Ferguson, Secondary Transition Specialist, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Virginia Beach, VA.

            “Speakers were very professional and very informative.” , Carl Humphries, South Carolina National Guard, Columbia, SC.

            “The attitude of the NGCRC staff was totally professional and fantastic. The warmth attention to detail was flawless, kind and a total teamwork effort. Whenever I or our purchase/grant person called to ask questions about the gang school we were treated with the upmost care and kindness. Dr. Knox and his entire staff was great. I love the conference. The female gangs (6) hour training was fantastic. The 8 good steps mentors take the shaping young lives truly off the chain/great seeing tremendous results and the changing of young lives.” , Carl Darnell “Big Mac” McDuffie, School Resource Officer, Huntsville Police Department, Huntsville, AL.

            “This conference gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge about gangs and the ability to network with people from across the country. It’s truly a great conference.” , Bryce Schuenke, St. Cloud, MN.

            “This was my second year attending the NGCRC training conference, and I must say that it had exceeded my expectations. The variety of subjects, as well as the expertise of the presenters impressed me more than anything. Thank you for providing such a wonderful learning environment, and I look forward to next year.” , Michael Pietruszynski, DEA Task Force Officer, Palos Heights Police Dept./DEA, Palos Heights, IL.

            “The training and the staff were great!! This is my second year attending. I am already looking forward to next year.” , Robert Heier, Deputy Warden, Bismarck, ND.

            “Presenters/staff were great. A wide variety of topics. Would like to attend again.” , Sgt. Steven R. Martinez, Gang Unit, Finney Co. Sheriff’s Office, Garden City, KS.

            “Excellent conference. Very informative. Great location. Knowledgeable staff and presenters. Thank you Dr. Knox!” , Sandra Ezell, Louisiana Department of Justice, Baton Rouge, LA.

            “Great presenters, great networking with other people. Very well run/facilitated conference.” , Brian Geiger, Kenosha Unified School District, Kenosha, WI.

            “The opportunity to network with people from around the nation is remarkable. People come from all over. The variety of classes and training material was very educational.” , Ricky Syhre, Maple Grove, MN.

            “I believe in my heart that you guys really care.” , Lawrence C. Barbee, Youth Specialist, Decatur, IL.

            “The staff at NGCRC conference was excellent, all questions were answered and the presentations were excellent. The Westin Hotel was close by area attractions such as Navy Pier, 900 North Shops, great eateries and museums. I learned a great deal about gang and crew situations in area across the country- can’t wait to come back next year. The NGCRC staff spoiled my kids and wife with snacks and comfortable conversation.” , Stanley Leigh, COSSA, Washington, DC.

            “The conference gets better every year. Best gang training ever attended.” , Matthew Gohman, Becker, MN.

            “I appreciate the vast array of choices given at the conference. It’s very evident that the NGCRC worked very hard to make the conference a success and to ensure that participants were satisfied.” , Courtney R. Cooper, Psychotherapist, Carolinas Heathcare System, Charlotte, NC.

            “All the instructors were amazing. You can tell they are passionate about and very knowledgeable in the area they presented on. The tour of Gabrini-Green was awesome. The opportunity to network with people from different aspects of the community and different areas of the country is great. If my department would let me come again next year I would definitely be here. I will definitely recommend this training to everyone in my local gang task force.” , James Gravett, Court Services Officer, Sioux Falls, SD.

            “Outstanding experience. Kudos to Dr. Knox and his staff for the hard work and effort to make this annual conference the best learning experience.” , Robert A. Fuller, Investigator, Denver County District Attorney’s Officer, Denver, CO.

            “Great instructors who aren’t afraid to share their knowledge and expertise.” , John Douglas “A-Train” Atkison, Gang Specialist, MCCC-Detentin STG/Intel, Milwaukee, WI.

            “Choices of classes. Schedule was well planned.” , Scott Diem, Master Sergeant, U.S. Army, Fort Bliss, TX.

            “In awe of the experience and expertise of the presenters.” , August Meyer, Maqueketa, IA.

            “This was a fantastic learning experience for me. It was stimulating, thought provoking and highly educational. I will be sharing what I learned.” , Fran Cella, Ph.D., Street Gang Prevention & Intervention Task Force, City of Elgin, Elgin, IL.

            “The instructors were fabulous, the diversity of subjects along with the professional feedback from the participants made for superb education on all three days. Thank you! Thank you!” , Mario Nieves, Prosser Career Academy, Chicago, IL.

            “Talking with others in the field. Accessibility of trainers. Willingness to share ideas and resources.” , John FS Williams, Oak Park Township Youth Services, Oak Park, IL

            “Many choices for presentations and areas of professional backgrounds.” , Jeremy Patterson, Principal, Jackson Public Schools, Jackson, MI.

            “The ability to choose whatever class you want to go to! Your not stuck sitting in a class you’re not interested in.” , Gregory M. Edwards, Officer, Genoa Police Department, Genoa, IL.

            “Being able to network with others. Also the experience of the tours.” , Dwayne Atkins, Program Director, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Fort Worth, Fort Worth, TX.

            “The other professionals that we met during the social times was extremely beneficial.” , Greg McDonald, Counselor, Adams 12 School District, Thornton, CO.





Quotable Quotes from Persons who attended the 2007 NGCRC Training Conference in Chicago, August 15-17, 2007: Strong Qualitative Evidence of How the NGCRC Sets the Gold Standard for Gang Training.

 The Conference Evaluation Form for the NGCRC's 2007 (Aug. 15-17th) Gang Specialist Training Conference held in Chicago, Illinois, included the open-ended question “What is the best thing you can say about your experience at this training conference (PRINT: We do appreciate hearing good news, so describe anything you really liked about the conference)”. The respondents also had the opportunity to be completely anonymous. The Evaluation Form included a separate follow-up question, asking for permission to quote them on whatever they might say in this regard.

 Listed below, therefore, are a number of such comments. Obviously, these are some very positive endorsements about the quality of the training provided by the NGCRC. Secondly, there is a large diversity of persons represented in this sample. We feel it provides strong, positive, qualitative research evidence of the effectiveness of NGCRC training.

"Well organized and the best that I have attended. Keep up the good work Dr. Knox." Johnnie Greenwood, Center Standards Officer, Gary Job Corps Center, San Marcos, TX.

 "Awesome training where the opportunity to learn additional tools of other officers that can be immediately used on the street. It was great to see police, educators, corrections, counselors, probation & parole from all over the country discuss not only the problem of gangs but many solutions to this problem." Sgt. James Vepley, Winthrop Harbor Police Department, Winthrop Harbor, IL.


"This was by and large the best training I have ever experienced. There were more than enough topics to choose from, and the instructors were not only extremely knowledgeable but made the experience interesting and enjoyable." Michael Pietruszynski, Police Officer, Palos Heights Police Department, Palos Heights, IL.

 "This has been an outstanding training conference. The experience of the presenters was first rate. Professionalism was quite evident; top notch. Kudos to Dr. Knox and his staff to include volunteers, security. Good health and God speed. I hope I am to attend next year." Maple Porter, Intelligence Analyst, FBI, Washington, DC.


"The staff of the NGCRC is great at providing the latest information and intelligence gathering techniques. The continued follow up support is always appreciated. Thank you." Lt. William Loescher-Sanchez, Puyallup Tribal Police Dept., Puyallap Tribe of Indians, Tacoma, WA.


"The best gang training conference I ever attended, I recommend it to all STG/Gang coordinators." Lt. Dofredo "Fred" Pieretti, Philadelphia Prison System, Philadelphia, PA.

 "This conference offered topics that increased my knowledge on gangs, their trends and mindset. Furthermore, the conference offered strategies for prevention/intervention ideas that I may be able to implement in my community. Keep up the good work and I appreciate you for offering a conference such as this one to increase knowledge of law enforcement. God Bless u!" Sgt. Pamela Thomas, Dougherty Co. Sheriff’s Office, Albany, GA.

 "Enjoyed the variety of topics to choose from. Very informative and loved the interaction between instructors and attendees." Yvonne Little, Intell Analyst, AK National Guard Counter Drug Support Program, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, Anchorage, AK.

 "Taking back a lot of the information to help me in my job." Rick Simonelli, Deputy U.S. Marshall, U.S. Marshalls Service, USMS/Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit, Salt Lake City, UT.

 "All seminars were excellent." James Houston, Professor, Grand Valley State University, East Grand Rapids, MI.

 "The multi-disciplinary approach utilized by the NGCRC provided a truly valuable training conference to explore the gang problem in America." Timothy J. Griffin, Investigator, Mount Prospect Police Department, Mt. Prospect, IL.

 " Very well organized. Staff and security very friendly and helpful. Excellent instructors and presenters."Shana R. Robert, Instructor, TN Law Enforcement Training Academy, Nashville, TN.

 "Again this year! The Best! This conference has (last year) and will (this year) enhance out ministry focus and goals to reach more at-risk youth." Rev. Devon Harris, Executive Director, Full Circle Refuge, Inc., Augusta, GA.

 "The knowledge of the presenters was outstanding. The staff and presenters were very open and helpful. The current trend info available was great!" Robert Warlaw, Investigator, Lagrange Police Department, Lagrange, IL.

"I have attended several workshops, conventions, etc. over the past 15 years. I have never attended a more comprehensive, informative and excellent program in those 15 years. I am very impressed and plan to continue attending on an annual basis." Kerry Reid, Principal, Byhalia Middle School, Byhalia, MS.

 "The volunteer staff were very helpful. The speakers and their background of knowledge was outstanding. I will definitely recommend this conference to others. It was amazing and found meeting with attendees a great avenue for more information." Ormie Melton, Security Police Specialist, Plan Independent School District, Plan, TX.

 "This has been an excellent opportunity to network with people who are dealing with the same issues from different perspectives from a great variety of locations." Pastor Scott Jewell, Baden Community Christian Church, St. Louis, MO.

"Mentoring session-Rev. Selph, Carter Smith-Great presenter." Alan Devolin, Calgary Police Service, Calgary, AB CANADA.

 "Fantastic conference, dynamic instructors, great facility, fantastic fitness center, the grill fantastic place for food, everything you need and want is in truly walking distance, finally one of the finest conferences in my 30 years of law enforcement& military law enforcement careers." Carl D. McDuffie, School Resource Officer, Huntsville Police Department, Huntsville, AL.

 "The presenters were well prepared and did allow time for questions. Also, in some cases, they were open to being contacted in the future if needed. I was also impressed with the opportunity of networking at the conference." Herman King, Youth & Community Services Supervisor, Kids Hope United, St. Louis, MO.

 "The conference is well organized with good helpful staff available to guide you through any questions." Sgt. Charles M. Carroll, Lawrence Police Dept., Lawrence, MA.

 "As usual, Dr. Knox and his staff did a wonderful job with the conference. The presenters, work staff, and seminars were nothing short of excellent. There is such a wealth of information that there needs to be more hours in a day to accommodate the numerous workshop selections. I look forward to returning again next year." Dawn Marie Nappi, Recruitment & Outreach Specialist, Jinna Development, St. Louis, MO.

 "Large field of choice for topics. Informative “real life” instructors."- Sergeant Marc S. Kasaras, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, West Boyington, MA.

 "Very very interesting. I’m glad I decided to do this training." Tony Michael Ellis, Muskegon, MI.

 "There is a good diversity of topics offered with knowledgeable speakers/trainers from numerous backgrounds." Aaron Rider, Bellville, MI.

 "All the classes that I attended were very informative and presented well. I will recommend this training to my institution." Robert Heier, Unit Manager, North Dakota State Penitentiary, Bismarck, ND.

"Reinforcement as to the fact that we are not alone and have others who share in areas of success and failure." Henry R. Pacheco, Program Director, CMI World Vision U.S. Programs, Herndon, VA.

 "NGCRC staff were polite and helpful. Another excellent year of training." Randy Plunk, Staff Development Specialist, IL. Department of Corrections, Springfield, IL.

 "The presenters for each course were subject matter experts for their period of instruction." Kenneth Ray Aycock, Gang Analyst, York County Sheriff’s Office, York, SC.

 "A wealth of information. Good Job." Edwin Colunga, U.S. Probation Officer, U.S. District Court, Denver, CO.

 "I really enjoyed Dr. Wang's Classes! He was very well prepared and had a wealth of information on Asian gangs. Fantastic learning experience. I look forward to attending next year." Robert E. Liebner, Police Officer, Greenwood Village Police Department, Greenwood Village, CO.

 "The networking."-Mikel E. Trejo, Youth Counselor II, Carson City Juvenile Detention Center, Carson City, NV.

 "This conference is a phenomenal experience. Anyone can take something away from this and apply it or use it or teach others when they get home." Sgt. Bret Kasel, Willmar, MN.

 "Lots of info & selection!" Leslie Bauer, Onamia, MN.

 "All instructors were committed to helping you beyond the conference." Sgt. Todd M. Messer, Sterling Police Department, Sterling, IL.

"Classroom settings were great. Wide variety of classes offered. The option to pick the classes one can attend is great." Israel Rodriguez, Patrol Officer, Riverdale Police Department, Riverdale, IL.

 "New stuff was brought to the table - especially regarding terrorism and Islam." Carl James Adams, Deputy Sheriff, Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Commerce City, CO.

"Great speakers, friendly staff, very informative and awesome location!!! Thanks for everything. You guys rock!!!" Demetrius Mallisham, Program Coordinator, Maryland Multicultural Youth Centers, Silver Spring, MD.


"The multitude of classes, the variety, freedom of choice." Lisa Aust, Supervisor, Aurora Probation, Kane County Court Services, Aurora, IL.

 "The presenters were excellent. Charla Waxman provided me with tools that I can use with the clients I work with. She has the best handouts. The interventionist reception was enjoyable. Lester Moore's Hip Hop session was excellent. I could have stayed in that class for 2 more hours. He facilitated interaction with the class." Melissa Altman, Human Services Coordinator I, Department of Juvenile Justice, North Charleston, SC.

 "Everything!! The diversity of trainers and topics truly makes the conference that much more valuable. The ability to network was amazing, even without attending the network events I was able to build contacts all over the country." Michael Keane, Probation Office, Cook County Probation, Chicago, IL.

"The wealth of information from different presenters as well as networking opportunities." Dana Berkes, Program Coordinator, United Community Ministerial Alliance, Battle Creek, MI.

 "Again this was a very good experience, conference. NGCRC staff was outstanding and all presenters were all outstanding. Thank you all." Sgt. Jerome Rudie, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, soldiers Grove, WI.


"This conference offered a wide variety of topics covering all different disciplines. It was great to be able to customize your own agenda to gain knowledge in areas you are working." Cynthia Joyner Micklos, Intelligence Analyst, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Norfolk, VA.

 "Great variety of sessions. Nice hotel. Fairly well organized. Friendly atmosphere. Great useful materials." Ayesha S. Harmon, Program Director, Youth Empowerment Zone, Columbia, MO.

 "The networking and tour of the hood was great." Don Waters, Comin' Up Gang Intervention Program, Ft. Worth, TX.

 "I found the conference to be comprehensive and informative, in general. I like the variety of training’s and the ability to move from room to room to find relevant training (sessions)." David Strong, Prevention Programs Director, Stanislaus County Office of Education, Modesto, CA.


"Networking. Great info from various people in similar situation." Anthony Limoges, Principal, Middletown Middle School, Middletown, CA.

 "Loved getting information on the different groups of gangs- Intel will help me and my school." Chris Heller, Principal, Middletown High School, Middletown, CA.

"The instructors were all very passionate about their subject matter. They had and over abundance of knowledge and all offered their knowledge and experience. I obtained excellent resources and contact which will prove very valuable. Best gang information and training I have obtained." Donald A. Muse, Investigator, Warrenton Police Department, Warrenton, VA.

 "The classes were informative, the hotel accommodations and class/conference area was great, the location is great also and the food discount is a nice perk. The networking opportunities are wonderful!" Vanessa Walker-Wilfong, Gang Prevention School Social Worker, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Norcross, GA.

 "Great Variety of info. Good/knowledgeable presentations." Patti Van Stone, Instructor of Criminal Justice, Southwestern College, Cincinnati, OH.

 "Lots of choices." Vincent S. Munoz, Police Officer, Battle Creek Police Department, Battle Creek, MI.

 "Great speakers!!!" Ashleigh Husby, Bettendorf, IA.

 "I like the ability to go from class to class and make your own schedule. I also like the fact you can get up and move around between classes." Joel Field, Detention Deputy, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, Minneapolis, MN.

 "Everything was on time, speakers, presenters, were very well spoken." Leo Otero, Community Aftercare Manager, Full Circle Refuge, Inc., Augusta, GA.

 "Well organized event." Sgt. Keith LaMont Stith, Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, Jersey City, NJ.


"Your staff was awesome and your free-bee’s were great." Anthony E. Anderson, Patrolman, Morton Grove Police Dept., Morton Grove, IL.

"The diverse array of topics that were presented." Robert D. Hanser, Director, Institute of Law Enforcement, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Monroe, LA.


"I gained powerful knowledge to share with my SRO school recourse office & faculty, and valuable internet resource information." Randall K. Stokes, Assistant Principle, Hanover County Public Schools, Atlee High School, Mechanicsville, VA.

 "There was a lot of information to be received. I really enjoy the conference." Tanya Arrington, Sgt./STG Facility Coordinator, Alabama Department of Corrections, Montgomery, AL.

 "George Corbiscello's Workshops are ALWAYS timely and packed with information you can use. He is a tremendous resource and a true professional. It was great to have multiple workshop options that fit my needs ALL 3 days." Brian Bochenek, B.A., Domestic Violence Clinician, DuPage Co. Psychological Services, Wheaton, IL.

 "Meeting new sources of info and expanding my networking circles. New topics too-were great." Dr. Michael J. Witkowski, Associate Professor, University of Detroit Mercy, Clarkston, MI.

 "The whole conference was excellent." Daniel A. Ribaldo, Recruit Training Coordinator, Cook County Sheriff’s Department, Palos Hills, IL.

 "Each year I come here I am amazed at number of people I meet. The networking is like no other conference. Presentations by Dories Yates & Bruce Malkin always keep me coming back for more. This could easily be made a weeklong conference." Sgt. Dan Woods, Aurora Police Department, Aurora, IL.

 "Your staff were the best (Thank You STAFF), nice and knowledgeable- They showed honest consideration and concern- very helpful - truly the best." Musa A. Nasr, Recruitment & Outreach Specialist, Jinna Development, St. Louis, MO.

 "The networking and information." Chris Hebbel, Davenport, IA.

 "The opportunity to network." Detective Zac Gorbet, Austin ISD Police, Austin, TX.

 "A lot of info and networking. GREAT JOB!!" Kris Allen, Deputy, Hendricks Co. Sheriff Department, Danville IL.

 "Amount of information was fantastic. A committed staff made conference a great experience." Christopher V. Eller, Probation Officer, White Post Community Corrections Center, (Virginia Dept. Of Corrections), White Post, VA.

"Great speakers, I learned a lot." Dana L. Ritchardson, Corporal, Hendricks Co. Sheriff's Department, Danville, IL.

 "The networking experience. Dan Woods, Aurora Police Dept. Is one of the greatest presenters that I have heard in a long time." Michael A. Brooks Sr.,Youth Intervention Specialist, City of Rochester, N.Y.,Pathways to Peace, Rochester, NY.

"Excellent classes and presenters. Tons of different options." Mark Schellhorn, Probation and Parole Officer, Department of Corrections, Kalispell, MT.

 "All presenters very knowledgeable and polite. Willing to make extra time to answer questions and chat a bit as well." Malik A. Aziz, Co-Chair, Men United for a better Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

 " I never had a chance to thank the trainers for taking time out of their lives to give me so much information. THANK YOU." Bryan McClimon, Corrections Officer/Reserve Deputy, Clinton Co. Sheriff’s Office, Clinton, IA.

 "I thought this was excellent, the info is very valuable." Pastor Creighton Mabry, United Community Ministerial Alliance, Battle Creek, MI.

"I enjoy the "statement analysis" session. Great conference! Every year I’m available to learn something new." Maria Arevalo, Probation Officer, Cook Co. Juvenile Probation, Chicago, IL.

"Variety of classes" Allan Gerking, School Resource Officer, Puyallap Tribe of Indians

Tacoma, WA

 "Great information. The instructors were all very passionate and knowledgeable about their topics. The criminal mind and the gangster was an outstanding class. It was the best class I attended at the conference." Shallon R. Oglesby, Trooper First Class, West Virginia State Police, Dunbar, WV.

 "Very organized." Matthew Dzianchan, Deputy, Kent County Sheriff’s Department, Grand Rapids, MI.

 "The knowledgeable staff & the information provided." Chad Harris, Deputy Sheriff,

Cook County Sheriff's Dept., Chicago, IL.


"The knowledge of the trainers was outstanding." Bob Northup, Youth Worker, Carmi Baptist Children’s Home, Carmi, IL.

"I am impressed with the amount of knowledge I gained through this conference. I enjoyed having the ability to choose my own classes & they moved quickly throughout the day. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable about the topics they presented & I was intrigued with the visual aids & the personal stories that they shared. Great Job to all!! A wealth of information!!" Pamela Stillings, Drug Demand Reduction NCO, Counterdrug Task Force, Summerville, SC.

 "The variety of courses and the extended hours to add flexibility to your schedule." Richard Jenkins, Gang Intelligence Analyst, Counter Drug Support Program, Anchorage, AK.

 "Incredibly organized! A vast and wide-range of substantial information that has given me a new perspective, as well as deepened those perspectives I already held. I'm already looking forward to the next conference, so I can acquire more training and certification in related fields" Timothy L. Watson, President/Co-Founder, Productive Alternatives and Initiatives for Development (P.A.I.P.), St. Louis, MO.

 "I learned many things about different gangs & other groups I was not aware of. Networking was fabulous!" Lorenzo Lawson, Executive Director, Youth Empowerment Zone, Columbia, MO.

 "I learned a lot of interesting ideas, I thought the conference was great; I really enjoyed it." Danielle Cranston, Danielle Cranston, St. Cloud, MN.


"Gained valuable information and met good contacts." David Waters, Program Coordinator, Comin Up Gang Intervention Program, Ft. Worth, TX.

 "Too many good classes, so many choices, so little time!!" Ronald K. Lewis, Tacoma Police Dept., Tacoma, WA.

 "It gave me the chance to learn more about gangs and also meet others in similar situations." Derryk Sellers, Athletic Director, Lindenwold High School, Lindenwold, NJ.

 "This was a wonderful first experience for me at the NGCRC Gang Training Conference. The presentations were interesting, educational and informative. The presenters were knowledgeable & friendly." Megan Leschak, Youth Program Director, The Mediation Center, Asheville, NC.

 "The various backgrounds in gang prevention. Family like atmosphere." Kenneth A. Davis, School Resource Officer, Yonkers Police Department, Yonkers, NY.

 "There was a variety of choices during all times of the day." Melissa Rothstein, Intern, Office of Special Investigation for the MN DOC, St. Joseph, MN.

 "Very professional environment, great classes many choices, thanks." Alec Wrolson, Officer, Puyallup Tribal Police, Tacoma, WA.

 "This conference was extremely well organized. I appreciate all of the friendly NGCRC staff who were very helpful. I did not stay at the hotel, but the hotel staff were also helpful and friendly. GOOD SITE CHOICE!! I'm looking forward to returning next year- ALSO-nice balance of sessions.(school, police, etc.)." Alice Manning-Dowd, Student Service Coordinator, Joliet Public Schools # 86, Joliet, IL.

 "Very well organized. Staff & security very friendly & helpful. Excellent instructors & presentations." Shana R. Roberts, Instructor, TN Law Enforcement Training Academy, Nashville, TN.

 "Superb instruction by top professionals on diverse subjects. Great feedback from knowledgeable classmates to enhance education. I was impressed with the level of commitment and passion instructors apply in their job (field). Added an arsenal of knowledge to go back to my high school with. Thank you very much." Mario Nieves, Security Supervisor, Prosser Career Academy, Chicago, IL.

 "All the presenters were very dedicated and enjoyed what they’re doing. It was very refreshing and rewarding." Matt Gohman, St. Cloud, MN.

 "Powerful speaker& intense content." Sean A. Washington, Assistant Director, The Advocates, Battle Creek, MI.

"Great place to meet people, form new friendships & connections to take back to our jobs. Instructors were wonderful-easy to talk to, approach & ask questions. Even though this is my first seminar, the wealth of knowledge from others is outstanding. Thanks for this opportunity." Elizabeth Kramer, Patrol Officers, Southgate Police Department, Southgate, MI.

 "The breakout sessions are great and allow students to focus on topics of interest for student. Great speakers and presenters with outstanding information to present." Rocky Smith, Deputy, Gaston Co. Sheriff’s Office, Gastonia, NC.

"Most/All presentations were excellent. The bangin’ & banking Presentation (#53) was excellent & fell should be expanded next year. As was said many times during the conference, "it's about the money" & criminal justice personnel need much more education& training in this area." Kurt Pierpont, Senior U.S. Probation & Parole Officer, U.S. Courts District of Colorado, Denver, CO.

 "Lots of options for classes." Sgt. Saul Bailey, Salt Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office, Salt Lake City, UT.

 "The conference was to the point. Very well organized. Thank you!" Tony Cabello, Program Coordinator, Comin' Up Gang Intervention Program, Ft. Worth, TX.

 "The presenters were great! They were all very passionate about their topics. I will recommend others in my area attend." Judd J. Wolfe, SRO, Gwinnett County School Police, Lawrenceville, GA.

 "Great conference, I love how the sessions are arranged." Rev. Michael T. Westbrook, President/Pastor, Greater Life, Newark, NJ.

 "Tremendous opportunity(s) to network." John Douglas, "A-Train" Atkisson, MCCC-Detention STG/Intel, Milwaukee, WI.

"Trainers at this conference were superb and have a wealth of information-obviously far more than time allowed for them to share with the attendees & were very approachable for additional information or feedback." Rod Lehmann, Investigator, Faribault, MN.

 "The speakers were great." Sophia Burd, Youth Specialist, The Advocates, Battle Creek, MI.

"I was pleasantly surprised at how well most of the breakouts I attended were put together & how well the information applies to law enforcement." Detective Shane Woody, Belvidere Police Department, Belvidere, IL.

 "The openness of people to share information. It’s hard to get people to talk and share things, but here it is encouraged to give personal input." Shane Edge, Dixon, IA.

 "Presenters were up to date on materials presented." Sgt. Cynthia L. Starita, Ph.D. Southern Regional Public Safety Institute, Harrison County Sheriff's Department, Gulfport, MS.

 "I obtained more information than I could have possibly hoped for. This has been a great experience."Joshua R. Hernandez, Buffalo, IA

 "Session # 88 should have been attended by every person at the conference. Andrew Papachristos is by far, one of the most knowledgeable instructors at the conference." Michael A. Schoop, Officer, Rolling Meadows P.D., Rolling Meadows, IL.


"Opportunity to network with other experts in the field. Great conference with many experts coming together willing to share and networking." Dr. Dan Feaster, Executive Director/Psychotherapist, Samaritan Counseling Center, Madison, WI.

 "The information/ideas and networking are great. The presenters were knowledgeable." Brian D. Boehm, Associate Principal, Verona Area High School, Verona, WI.

 "Once again, an outstanding conference, a lot of new valuable information, the quality of information allows me to take back to my department and revise or update our current programs. This was a wonderful networking event. Look forward to attending the next yrs. Conference. All presenters were professional & knowledgeable." Sgt. James Banks, Cook County Sheriff’s Department, MVCC, Palos Hills, IL.

 "I learned how to deal and investigate gang crimes and gave me a new focus on a gang expert." Mike Nimlos, Police Officer, Minneapolis Police Dept., New Brighton, MN.

 "Fine tuned my experiences on gangs, so far in my career as a Law Enforcement officer. Great certification program!" Lucas Peterson, Police Officer, Minneapolis Police Dept., New Brighton, MN.

"I appreciate the number of presentations on K-12 schools, threat assessment, interventions, gangs in schools, etc." Gilbert Ramirez, School Social Worker, Highland High School, Albuquerque, NM.

 "Great presenters, great staff, and great opportunities for networking, as always!" Sarah Meyer, St. Cloud State University, Long Lake, MN.

 "The people that you meet, and the presenters were great." Doug Ingram, Probation Officer, Department of Corrections, White Post, VA.

"As always, there was an excellent variety of topics from which to choose. The variety of presenters and attendees, from academia and many professions, raises the bar on the brainstorming and networking potential that is critical to our success." Carter F. Smith, J.D., Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN.

 "All the good Hispanic gang training, very good." Francisco Porras, Police Officer, Minneapolis Police Dept., New Brighton, MN.